The scars that cut the deepest

Rowan has a cousin who happens to be in One Direction. When Zayn introduces her to Niall invisible sparks fly but does he feel the same way about her? They find themselves in unbelievable situations and its up to the boys to keep the girls out of harms way.


14. 4 days paid off

*Nialls POV* We have been looking for four days. I have been awake the whole time. "Hey I'm getting a text!" I shout. "Well who the hell is it?!?!" everybody screams. "Its a picture of Rowan...." I manage to choke out. "Shes beaten and bloody you'll have to see what else" I say. She's beaten and bloody hanging from the ceiling at some house. "Oh my god." says Dylan covering her mouth. "Why does he do this to her?" I ask with tears welling up in my eyes. "Nialler its ok we'll find her." Liam says reassuringly. I get another text read it and book it. *Zayns POV* We all see Niall read a text drop the phone and run. "What was that about?" asks Louis. "I don't know." I say as I walk up to the phone and pick it up and read the text. It says: 'if you want to see her again come to 5555 brick wall ave.' I chuck the phone at the wall and run the way Niall did. ~5 minutes later~ "Damn it Niall!!" I yell when we are all at this huge abandoned warehouse. "what?!? I want my baby back!!" he yells and he bursts through the door. "AAAHHH!!!" we all hear a shrill scream and in assuming its Rowan's. "Niall!!!" she screams. "Rowan!!" he screams and It sounds like he's a bit ahead of us. "Niall where are you?" I yell. "Right here." he says as I run upto him. "I found her." he whispers. And I see what he does. Randy is hitting her with a bat. *Rowans POV* I'm slipping in and out of consciousness and I'm being hit with an aluminum bat. I see Niall as he goes up behind Randy grabs the bat and knocks him out with it. Then everything goes black. *Louis' POV* She's hanging from the ceiling. The cut on her stomach is gushing blood. Splotches of her skin are a sickly purplish-green. She is not only bleeding from the cut but everything else too. "F***ing cut her down!" screams Dylan. And Niall obeys. ~the next day~ *Rowans POV* last night I woke up in re hospital and now I woke up at Harry's flat. "Damn that hurts!" I say as I try to get up. "Babe the doc said that you shouldn't get up." Niall informs me. "Honey, I don't care." I tell him right back.
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