Changed my life

Paige is just about to end her life when someone stops her. Can she possibly fall in love with this mysterious guy?
Sorry its not very good this is my first movella


2. You're...

Paige's pov
I step into harry's house to find three guys chasing one naked guy around. I throw my hands over my eyes and hear harry chuckle behind me.
The boys run past the front door and freeze when they see me. (i still cant see them)
Harry says "boys,as you can see, we have guest. Louis, go put some clothes on and then everybody meet us in the living room."
I hear feet pound up the stairs and harry whispers "you can look now." i take my hand off of my eyes and harry takes my hand in his own, which is really soft and warm. He leads me to the living room. "i am sorry about my friends," he mumbles.
"no worries, i have a younger brother, i have seen it all." i reply. He chuckles as we sit down on the couch, the other boys plopping down, one on the other side of me and then the three others on the other couch.
"so harry," the one next to me asks. He is blonde and has magnificant blue eyes. "who is your lovely friend?" i can feel myself blushing.
"everyone this is paige. Paige this is niall, liam, zayn, and louis" harry introduces everyone.
They all look so familiar. "o my gosh" i finally recognize them. "you're... You're..."
"spit it out," the one named zayn says and all the boys smile and chuckle.
I finally find my tounge. "you're one direction."
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