Changed my life

Paige is just about to end her life when someone stops her. Can she possibly fall in love with this mysterious guy?
Sorry its not very good this is my first movella


1. My life is over... Maybe not

Paige's pov
It's done. I am ending my life. I am in a dark allyway, holding a knife up to my neck. Bullies at school call me fat, ugly, and stupid. Those are only some of the things they call me.
I close my eyes and start to cut, wincing in pain. Before i can cut deeper, i hear a male voice yell "STOP!" I hear footstes running towards me. The knife is taken out of my hands. My eyes shoot open and i find myself staring into the most beautiful green eyes i have ever seen. I snap out of my trance when he starts to talk.
"what were you doing?" he asked.
"well before you interrupted i was trying to kill myself so if you could please give me back my knife i will continue," i reply. Man his eyes are beautiful. They look familiar, too, but i cant seem to place them with a name.
"why would a pretty girls like you want to kill herself?" he questions.
I sigh. "i am not pretty. Everyone tells me i am stupid, ugly, and worthless."
"well everyone is wrong," he says in a lovely voice.
"well thanks. I better head home," i say as i start to walk away.
"can you come home with me?" he replies quickly. " i only live five minutes away. We also need to do something about that cut of yours."
"ok fine, i will just call my mom"
We start walking and after getting off the phone, i ask "ummm, so who are you an exactly why were you in that allyway?"
"oh how rude of me, i am harry and i was just taking a walk. Whats your name?" he asks me.
"paige, and thank you for stopping me from... Well you know."
"no problem" he says. Gosh he is gorgous. And he looks so familiar. Who is he?
Harry's pov
Wow, she is so beautiful. Whoever told her she was ugly is just plain stupid.
The rest of the walk home is silent and we finally arrive at my house. I open the door for paige.
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