Changed my life

Paige is just about to end her life when someone stops her. Can she possibly fall in love with this mysterious guy?
Sorry its not very good this is my first movella


3. Movies & Finding out

Paige's pov

"We are indeed One Direction," Liam says.

I turn to Harry, blushing. "I'm sorry I didn't relize who you were. I feel bad for how I acted now. I didn't relize I was in the presence of one of the most popular boys on earth."

"It's cool," he says. "I actually enjoy when I am just Harry- not the sexy and adorable Harry Styles from One Direction."

he chuckles

"OK," I say.

"do you like one direction?" zayn questions me. "well no- but i dont dislike you- but i am not a crazy directioner. Also, your musics not really my style, sorry." "thats ok, not everyone has the same taste of music" niall says.

"Can we watch a movie?" Louis asks.

"TOY STORY 3!!!" Liam shouts.

"Sure" I say as Harry gets up and pops the movie into the DVD player. He sits down again.  "Care to cuddle?" he asks, sounding kindda nervous.

"O-OK"I mentally face palm myself. Why did I stutter? I slide closer to him and curl up and he puts his arm around me.  This feels so right.  I look up into his eyes and he looks down at me, smiling.  Then i slowly doze off in his arms with my head against his chest.

Harrys pov Paige has fallen asleep in my arms and she looks so peaceful and beautiul. I gently push a strand of her silky blonde hair out of her face. Se smiles, revealing one dimple on her right cheek. It's cute. Nialls pov Paige looks like an angel while she sleeps. I think harry has feelings for her and i think she may too. They would make such a cute couple. Liams pov Paige looks so cute in harrys arms. I think harry should ask her out. Its obvious they have feelings for one another. Zayns pov I look over at harry cuddling paige in his arms. I think they should go out. Louis' pov Awwww paige and harry would make the cutest couple ever! Paige styles.... Doesnt it sound nice?!?! Paiges pov "paige, wake up," i wake up to all boys lightly shaking me. "what time is it?" i ask yawning. "11 pm" liam answers "Oh boy i better go home then" i say as i stand up, but harry grabs my wrist." "oh no i cant let you walk home this late" he says. "you want to crash here for tonight?" "i couldnt youve already done so much for me i couldnt make you do even more." "please, please stay!" the boys all give me puppy dog faces and harry says "i insist" "fine i will. I am just gonna take a shower and go to bed. Goodnight and thank you so much." i start to walk to the stairs when i interrupted "what happend to your neck?" louis asks. Shoot. I had tried my best to keep my hair over the cut, dreading to answer that question. "oh, nothing" i mumble and head upstairs. Harrys pov As soon as i hear the water turn on, i explain the whole story to the boys. "what?!?! How could anyone say that?!?!" they all yell at once. "i know, thats what i said too" i say After a coule minutes if scilence, zayn pipes up. " are you gonna ask her out harry?" "i dont know yet. Give it a few days" "awwww" all the boys say "shut up" i say "i am going to bed. Goodnight. You guys can sleep here too" "ok, but dont have too much fun" louis makes his usually sexual remark. As i head up the stairs i threaten "louis, i swear..." I walk into my room laying down in my bed next to paige, so exhausted i dont bother to change. Note Sorry there is like one big long paragraph at the end. Something is being stupid and wont let me like skip a line. Sorry
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