The ups and downs of life

Hi my name is Sopie and I have had a bad life so far but it's all about to change when I move to a new school and town.


1. Just the begging

I wake up feeling both excited and nervous about the day ahead.I hop out of bed to go to my dresser I open it up and grab a lace top with skinny jeans. I walk down stairs to see my mum has made me bacon and eggs but refuse as I am watching my weight. I grab my keys to my car and say goodbye to mum. As I pull out of the drive way I turn up the music LOUD , but as I arrive at school turn it down because of the ugly stairs headed my way.As I open the door to the office I notice a really cute guy inside and can't help but stair but one of the popular girls comes and is like "he's mine back off"
I wanted to say doesn't mean I can't look but I didn't just In case we are meant to be friends or something later on. So I get my map and timetable and get out of there. The senior area was like a animal watering hole were the animals are the students , I find a chair and sit down to study my timetable my first class is art one of my fav's
Let me tell you this today was the worst day of my LIFE.In art I got paint spilt on my lace top had to eat my lunch in the toilets and made 0 friends.But I think tomorrow will be better hopefully.
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