Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


22. Will you...

Victoria P.O.V.

I was so excited for my date with Niall today we were riding in the car to wherever we were going. "Hey Niall where are we going?" "it's a surprise  "uhhhh" "don't like surprises  "no i do it's just that i really want to know it's so frustrating" "aww your cute when your frustrated" "aww thanks your cute too." 

*10 minutes later*

"were here". I looked out the window and i noticed we were at a fancy restaurant  "Oh Niall this looks so expensive you didn't have to." "No it's ok i rich remember i can afford this" "yeah i no you have money but i didn't fall in love with you for your money i fell in love with you." "i thought you might think that so i packed a picnic for us just in case." "aww i love you" i said jumping up and hugging him and kissing him."i love you too, now lets go!" "where are we going? wait i already know the answer it's a surprise  he didn't say anything he just nodded his head. We finally got there and it was a park and i looked over and i saw a tree with a bunch of beautiful candles and i saw a blanket with a picnic basket on it. I looked over at Niall "it's beautiful" "not as beautiful as you". he came up to me and grabbed my hand and pulled me down beside him. He went into the basket and started to pull out a bunch of food and knowing me and Niall he knew to pack a lot. We ate it all and it was so cute after we just sat there and looked into each others eyes it was silent but it was a good silence. I decided to brake the silence "why me?" "what do you mean" "what i mean is that there is millions of girls out there that are throwing themselves at you and you chose me. I am not even that pretty and i eat like a pig as you see everybody calls me immature. so that's what i'm asking you why me?" "Ok well the first day i saw you you looked so beautiful and i couldn't take my eyes off you i really wanted to talk to you and to be honest i was kind of nervous i don't know why i see millions of girls and its never like this and when i started talking to you, you didn't fan girl in front of me you were just you. When i got to meet you i really liked you and when Jully started describing you i knew you were the one for me you were my princess and that whole shit with Zayn and stuff it crushed my heart and then when you agreed to be mt girlfriend i swear i was the most happiest frigging man in the world. I love you so much and you are perfect to me. It even just added to me when i dated a girl i felt like they only liked me for my money or because of the fame but i knew you were different and today just telling me that you didn't want to go to that expensive restaurant  and you would rather hang out with me proved my theory. Please don't say your not beautiful because your the most beautiful girl in the world. Your not immature you are fun and always bubbly and i love that about you. Like what you said remember to the haters the middle finger goes to them right. Hater gonna hate and potatoes are gonna potate" That was the most sweetest thing someone has ever said to me but i couldn't let a little tear slip my eye. I love this boy so much. "OMG babe why are you crying was it something i said" "no it was the most beautiful thing and no one has ever said anything like that to me i love you i really do" "good." He leaned in and kissed me and i swear i felt bombs going off. I didn't want to let him go. "Victoria i got something to ask you" "yes, Niall?" He looked through his pocket and pulled out a little box. "Victoria will you..."

A/N: Oooooh what do you think Niall is going to ask Victoria 

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