Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


27. Where are you going?

Jully P.O.V.

We got home and i looked at Victoria and told her to tell me everything. Me and Liam were sitting there with Victoria. She started explaining "When i went back to the club i was looking for Niall and i saw him and he was kissing some other girl. I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulders and he was about to tell me do you mind and then he turned around and he saw me and he looked really surprised when i looked to see what girl it was and it was Carlie and she told me that he picks her over me. When she said it he didn't even deny it. I asked her about Stephen and she said that she dumped him and i looked at Niall told him it was ok because i kissed Liam and i walked away. And now Liam and Niall is probably going to get into a fight it's all my fault i'm going to split the band apart and i didn't want that too happen maybe i should just go back to Canada " I was shocked it was her dream to come to England and meet Niall and fall in love with him. Liam jumped in "you can't leave your the best thing that happened to me i mean all of us" At this point Victoria was in tears and i just jumped up and hugged her.

Victoria P.O.V.

I was seriously considering going back to Canada. After Jully was done hugging me i looked at Liam "i'm sorry but i don't think this is working and please don't stop me." "please Victoria don't go!" Liam said with pleading eyes he was crying too. I just nodded my head and went upstairs to go pack. I took every last thing  that i brought with me here. I walked downstairs and I called a cab I saw Liam and Jully just sitting there i appreciated the fact that there not stopping me. I went up and hugged both of them and told them bye. I walked out and i saw my taxi and when i was putting my luggage into the trunk i saw another taxi pull up i quickly got into the cab and i told him to take me to the airport. With that i drove away from my dream. Bye bye One Direction!

Niall P.O.V.

I seriously fucked up this one I looked back at Carlie and she has a smile on her face "look Carlie i'm sorry but i have to go find my girlfriend" "why don't you just dump her i'm way better than her" she told me. "no one is better than my Victoria" "well that didn't stop you from kissing me now did you and i'm pretty sure she picked your band mate Liam was it". I was mad i just walked away and i grabbed the others and told them that we needed to go back like right now. we were waiting for a taxi and finally one came and we got into it and when we pulled up i saw Victoria with her luggage and when she saw me and jumped into the taxi and drove off. Where was she going? was is because of me? what happened? i had so many questions and i was planning on then getting answered. I walked inside and saw Jully and Liam just sitting there.




"WELL ACTUALLY WHEN SHE LEFT YOU SHE WENT OUTSIDE AND I FOLLOWED HER OUT TO SEE IF SHE WAS OKAY AND YOU KNOW WHAT I SAW SHE WAS GETTING RAPED OKAY NIALL! WHILE YOU WERE KISSING ANOTHER GIRL I HELPED HER I COULD HAVE HER FROM GETTING KILLED AND YOUR GETTING MAD AT ME IT WAS IN THE FUCKING MOMENT AND IT HAPPENED!" he yelled at me. When he said he saw her getting raped everybody gasped. How could i do that to Victoria i realized i just lost possibly the best thing in my life. I was about to apologize when Jully stepped in "YOU GUYS STOP IT THIS IS WHY SHE LEFT SHE DIDN'T WANT TO YOU GUYS TO GET INTO A FIGHT BECAUSE OF HER." Then it hit me Victoria left i needed to get her back.

"i need her back i need to go find her" I said all of a sudden. "well she is long gone so good luck and even if you did find her you fucked this one up pretty bad Niall" Jully told me. I was already out the door and i was getting a taxi and i told them to get to the airport as fast as they could. I got there and i asked the person when was the soonest flight to Canada and they said that they already left. I was too late. "Hey can I please have a autograph" i just nodded and i signed a piece of paper for her. I got back home and when i walked through the door everybody was just sitting there to see what happened all that i could get put of my mouth was "I was too late". I saw that everybody started to cry i knew that Victoria was close to all of them. I just walked up to mines and Vic  well just my bedroom. I feel on bed and cried myself asleep it was so lonely without Victoria here i hated it. I finally fell asleep.

Zayn P.O.V.

I can't believe Victoria left i was with Pierre now but me and Victoria were really close i told her my problems and she was always there to cheer me up.

Louis P.O.V.

My carrot buddy was gone! 

Harry P.O.V.

I wasn't really that close to Victoria but she was best friends with Jully and i could't bare to see her sad.

Eleanor P.O.V.

I was getting close to Victoria and then she left it was really sad.

Pierre P.O.V.

I didn't really care for Victoria and i knew that Zayn use to like her so i didn't really get that close to her well i didn't really get that close to any girl. I'm not really sure if i still like Zayn and now i know that Stephen is now single i could move on with him.

Jully P.O.V.

My best friend went back to Canada if i knew Victoria she would just need time to cool off. I know that she can not stay away for too long but Niall really did break her heart i don't what will happen. 

Liam P.O.V.

I am so stupid i just let her walk out that door i could have stopped her. I think this is the best for her right know though.

Victoria P.O.V

I was on the plane and this girl that looked like she was about 17 sat beside me. "OMG your Niall Horan's girlfriend" i thought in my head not anymore and i couldn't help it but let a tear drop from my eye. "im sorry did i upset you? did something happen between you Niall? oh gosh i should just stop talking" I looked at her and she looked sorry. "hey it's ok and me and Niall lets just say took a break" "oh no you guys were so perfect for each other" She smiled at me and gave me a hug. "thank you" She was really nice so i decided to talk to her it was going to be a long flight anyways.

"so are you a big fan of one direction?" She nodded her head really happy. I chuckled at how happy she was.

"so who is your favorite?" i asked her.

"Liam" i had an idea she was really pretty she had dirty blonde hair and it was really long and these beautiful blue eyes almost kind of reminded me of Niall's  NO VICTORIA YOU NEED TO GET NIALL OUT OF YOUR HEAD I CAME BACK TO DO SO. 

"im so sorry i forgot to ask you what your name is love" wow love i guess when your in london you pick up the accent.

"my name is Holly" she smiled at me. "i like your name" "thank you"

Me and Holly were just talking and she told me that she was visiting England but she really lived in Canada and it turned out she lived about half an hour away from where i lived and i told her we should hang out. She got really tired and so did i so we both fell asleep and i woke up to the people telling us that we were landing in 5 minutes. When i got off i got my luggage and i called my mom to tell her that i was home and i found out she was on vacation with my dad and they were going to be for the rest of the summer. So i went home and luckily i had keys to my house. So i went in and went into my bedroom and i plugged in my charger and charged my iPhone and  i looked at the time it was 1 pm. I saw that i had 11 text messages. 

there was 7 from Niall i deleted them before i looked at it i didn't want to talk to him. i had one from Louis, one from Liam, and two from Jully.

YourChickenWing: Hey i hope your okay

YourCarrotBuddy: yeah Louis i'm fine don't worry.

Liam: Hey are you okay i shouldn't of let you go 

Victoria: it's ok Liam i needed to get away anyways don't beat yourself over it

YourBitch(Jully): Hey vickkyballz i just wanted to see how you were doing if you made it home okay?

YourBitch(Jully): Call Niall he is really upset

YourBitch(Victoria): i'm fine i'm made it home fine and i don't feel like talking to Niall right now sorry

Then like 10 minutes later i got another text message

YourChickenWing: ok so you are texting me, Liam and Jully but you wont answer Niall. 

YourCarrotBuddy: i'm sorry i just can't talk to him right now 

YourChickenWing: ok 


I was bored so i looked down in the fridge and i saw we had like no food so i decided i was going to go shopping for some groceries  I went to the one near my house and when i was walking i hit into someone. "Victoria?" 

"hi Michael"


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