Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


7. The next morning

Victoria P.O.V.

When i woke up i wasn't in my bedroom and then i remembered that i came to England and then i figured that this wasn't our hotel room. My head was on someones shoulder so i looked to see who it was and i saw Niall. "shit" "are you OK babe" he said in his sexy morning voice. "i'm sorry i didn't mean to sleep over and  you must have been really uncomfortable sleeping on the couch" "don't worry i got to be with you" this made me blush. "hey i'm trying to sleep here you mind being a bit more quiet?" i looked over to the other couch and saw harry with a very annoyed look on his face "Sorry Harry" i apologized. "hey mate maybe you should wake up now what time is it anyway?" i looked at my phone "12:00" . "wait, wheres Jully " i was always protective of Jully she was my best friend but she was always care-free. "its OK she is sleeping in my bed" harry said calming me down . "i'll go wake her up" "alright ill go wake up the rest of the boys" Niall said. this was going to be fun payback for that one day. I walked to harry's room and saw her sleeping on the bed so peacefully not for long. "three, two, one WAKE UP BITCH!!!!!" i screamed in her face, she freaked out and fell of the bed i was just on the floor laughing so hard.

Niall P.O.V.

i was about to wake up Louis when i hear 'wake up bitch' then a huge thump the other boys must have heard it too because harry came running up the stairs asking what happened and Louis shot our of bed. we went to see what happened when we saw Jully sitting on the floor holding her arm and Victoria just laughing so hard her laugh was so cute. Louis jumped into the bed waving around a carrot and he said "What happened are you guys okay do you need saving" Victoria stopped laughing and looked at him "if something bad happened you were planning to help us with a carrot?" then she started laughing again. "I'M HUNGRY!" i complained "ME TOO lets go get something" Victoria said. "maybe we should go wake up the other boys so we could ALL eat" "fine Harry but hurry i'm hungry" complained Victoria. Jully yelled at Victoria "Victoria stop being so rude it's there room" "i'm sorry but you know me and food we can never be separated" Victoria added very dramatically "oh gosh". All the boys came into the room and they looked at Victoria weirdly  Liam finally asked why is she on the floor" "long story short i was laughing a lot" Victoria said very cutely. Louis said "I have an idea how about we go to Nandos and then we go to the beach after" "i'm cool with DAT  Harry said. Victoria shook her head with disappointment  "harry don't go terrible street with me now OK  i am still bad a talking street and i grew up in the ghetto." "OK" i started a laughing. "wait, wait hold up did you say Nandos" then Jully turned to Victoria and they both looked super excited. Then Zayn said "yeah why so happy babe?" i was kind of mad he called Victoria babe i have a feeling Zayn likes Victoria but i'm not sure and plus hes been really quiet. "oh its nothing its just i never been to Nandos i really wanted to go there they don't have a Nandos in Canada sadly" she started to fake cry. "i didn't know you guys were from Canada" Liam butted in. "yeah we are only here for the summer and then it's off to Canada  "then off to school" Jully added in. "But only for her hahahaha sucks for you" Victoria said sticking her tongue out at Jully. "wait so Victoria you are older than Jully" "yup". the questions started coming in and she answered them all. "how old are you?" "i'm 18" "when was your birthday?" "actually it was 5 days ago" "really if you told us we could have done something for your birthday " "no it's OK i had a party before i left for England with Jully my 2 other friends and Jully's cousin"  Victoria blurted out "i would love to continue to play 21 questions but i am fucking starving i haven't ate since last night" the boys started laughing. "ok babe how about you and Jully go get ready and we will come down in half an hour too pick you up" "ok" "hey give me your numbers if you dont mind" she handed me her phone and i gave her mine. 

Victoria P.O.V. 

I got up off the floor and i took Jully and we went to go get ready i took a quick shower and put on this and some waterproof mascara. when Jully came out she wore this I took out my phone and went to go text Niall and i see he saved himself as sexy Irish man he must of put that because he saw how i put my name as your cute Canadian babe. 

CuteCanadianBabe: hey sexy Irish man like the name by the way ;) anyways me and Jully are ready if you wanna pick us up now

SexyIrishMan: back to you and sure we can come now.

Me and Jully were just sitting on the couch and then we heard someone knocking so we anwsered the door and we saw Harry and Niall. "ready to go?" "ready as ever" with that we were off.

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