Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


4. The concert

Victoria P.O.V.

Me and Jully had V.I.P. tickets to the one direction concert but it was not for another 3 days. "Hey, Jules wanna go shopping you know for the concert." "sure let me get ready" she came back down wearing this and i wore this and we were off. We went shopping for about 4 hours and i bought 4 shirts, 3 jeans and 2 new pairs of shoes. 

* 2 days later* 

We were sooo excited the one direction concert was in only a few hours and me and Jully were picking out our outfits, doing our hair and make-up i was wearing a pear of denim short shorts and my one direction shirt and i straightened my hair so it reached all the way to my bum. Jully went with a pair of jeans and a shirt with harry styles on it and she curled her hair. We were now on our way to the concert.

Jully P.O.V. 

When we finally got to the concert i was pumped i couldnt wait to see one direction it was like a dream on mine. i handed the lady my ticket and my and victoria took our seats and the front and all you could hear were girls screaming, but i didnt complain i waso ne of those girls it was going to be so much fun. then the countdown started FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO ,ONE. One by one they all come on stage and they started off with Tell me a lie and ended the concert with More than this. i loved that song i started singing " cause i can love you more than this, yeah" and i swear while i was singing to it Harry was looking at me and singing to me and before he finished his solo he winked at me.

Victorias P.O.V.

The concert was over but i loved it i was still pumped we got to go backstage and meet them with the rest of the other girls. As soon as they walked in i couldn't keep my eyes off Niall he is so much more cuter in person and then i noticed he started walking my way and i totally fangirled inside but i played it cool inside. "Hi" "Hi, my name is Victoria" i told him while i holding out my hand, but what i didnt expect him to do instead he pulled me into a hug. when he pulled away he said "sorry, i just really wanted to hug you" "oh, its fine i enjoyed it" omg did i just say that out loud oh gosh. Niall just started to laugh and i blushed and looked down. He put his hand under my chin "Hey dont look down that way i wont be able to look at your pretty face" "aww your so sweet" he smiled at me. then i looked over at Jully yo see her flirting with Harry you go girl.

Nialls P.O.V

When i saw her she was so beautiful i just couldn't say hi to her the way her brown eyes sparkled. Then i saw her staring at me come on niall dont mess this up. I went up to her and started talking to her. Victoria he name is what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. After i looked to where Victoria was looking and i saw Harry talking to some girl oh gosh what if she likes harry and not me well thats not fair he always gets the girl its my turn to get one i think i fianally found my princess. I broke the silence by asking her about herself " Well my name is Victoria Capobianco i live in Toronto, ontario im 18 years old i came here with my best friend jully over there that i guess is flirting with harry" i chuckled at this "i am staying in the seaside view hotel for the summer and yeah thats it oh and i graduated from highschool i went to Cardinal Newman." wow, i was kind of sad when she said she was from candada because i really wanted to get to know her but she was only here for the summer, then i relized she said she was staying at the seaside hotel thats cool me and the boys are staying there too. "hey, im staying at the same hotel is you" "thats great" she smiled her amazing smile and me and i melted. "soo your from Canada ey" she gave me that look like 'really you had to say ey' "yep i am, im canadian and proud" "so what brought you to england" i said to her "you, well you guys my mom got me and my friend tickets to come see you guys in england for my birthday and she said since in 18 now i should be able to go see the world so now im staying for the summer, i would have wanted to stay longer but my friend jully has to go back to finish her last yar of high school and if i stayed here alone im pretty sure i would probally get lost. but i love england it's so pretty i always wanted to come here" "well thats a good reason" we both laughed. then i saw harry walking over to us with some girl Jully her name was.

Jully P.O.V.

When i saw Harry i was totally fangirling i was just talking to him and he asked about me and he was flirting with me but i didn't mind it. to be truthful i was flirting right back when he asked us what hotel we were staying at i told him the seaside hotel and he told us that he stayed at the same one as us and they offered to drive us there because we walked all the way there. so we went to victoria to see if she was ok with it and i saw her and niall together i think they look so cute together. "hey victoria" "oh hey jully" "my and harry we wondering since we are staying in the same hotel and we walked all the way here" "you walked all the way here it was like an hour walk from here" niall inturupted me. "yea we walked here, anyways they offered to drive us" i said. "well if its ok with them im up for it"victoria said "of course babe" aww how cute niall called her babe i can see the way he looks at her he likes her and she likes him. Paul walked in " hey girls im sorry but the boys have to leave" then rest of the other girls that were talking to louis, liam and zayn left. Paul came over to us "hey sor-" harry cut him off, "we offered to drive them home becuase they walked all they way here plus there staying at the same hotel as us. is that ok paul?" "yea i guess if you want that" "Hi, im jully and this is Victoria" i said to louis, liam and zayn. "Hello girls." After i noticed how zayn looked at Victoria but i decided to ingnore it. "LETS GO!" louis shouted. we were on our way


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