Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


5. The car ride

Victoria P.O.V.

We were heading to the car when Paul said "there isn't  enough seats so you guys figure that out." Then harry spoke up "How about Jully sits on my lap and Victoria sits on Niall's lap?" i was really happy with this i wanted to sit on Niall's lap. "OK". The way everybody was seated was Paul was driving Liam was sitting beside Paul then it was Zayn, Niall and me on Niall's lap in the middle and in the back was Louis with Jully and Harry. i was always insecure about myself so i said to Niall " i'm not heavy am i?" "no your as light as a feather don't worry". I was just sitting there talking to Niall then all of a sudden the car jerked and i fell off of Niall and on to Zayn. When i looked up i noticed Zayn was smiling at me so i smiled back. 

Zayn P.O.V.

Victoria was so beautiful i knew Niall liked her i saw the way he looked at her, but then again i wanted her to be mine and i'm going to try and make that happen. The car ride was kind of awkward i was just sitting there while everybody talked to each other. Then the car jerked and i saw that Victoria fell on me and i just looked down at her and smiled and i was so happy when she smiled back. i was jealous that Victoria sat on Niall's lap i wanted to it on mine. But when she fell on me i was just looking at how beautiful she was and then i realized i was staring to long and i just helped her up on Niall's lap again.

Jully P.O.V.

I was happy i got to sit on Harry lap and i could tell that Victoria was excited too she has always had a crush on Niall. I was talking to Harry then he started laughing and i was so perfect same with his messy brown curls, piercing green eyes and his dimples OMG HIS DIMPLES. I was snapped out of my thoughts when harry said "like what you see?" i got so embarrassed i blushed then looked down. "Hey, don't be embarrassed i like what i see too." this made me smile so big. Harry was literally perfect. He snaked his arms around my waist. " i see you two are getting comfy" Louis winked at me, i just stuck my tongue out at him. the car jerked and if harry wasn't holding onto me i would have fallen over, too bad for Victoria i saw her fall over and land on Zayn i could help but let out a little giggle "you know your cute when you giggle" harry said to me. "you don't look to bad yourself styles". he just gave me a look 'really-you-just-gave-me-a-nickname-by-using-my-last-name'. After i looked back a Victoria i noticed her head was still in Zayn's lap and he was just staring at her. I looked at Niall and he just had a jealous look on his face. OH CRAP SOME SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN TONIGHT!!!!! I saw Zayn give her that face the first time they met i decided to ignore it then but now i can't i think Zayn really likes Victoria but yet Niall likes Victoria and i know Victoria likes Niall. After a while of Zayn came back into reality and looked embarrassed for staring at Victoria and he just helped he back on Niall's lap. I heard Liam yell "OKAY GUYS WERE HERE!" thank god things were getting awkward. 

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