Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


8. The beach

Jully P.O.V.

When we got to the car since Paul wasn't there only one of us had to sit on the lap but since harry was driving i was just going to run shotgun and Victoria was going to sit on Niall's lap. i was wrong though once the guys got into the car Victoria went and stretched herself out and decided to lay on them her head was on Louis lap, her bum was on Niall and her legs were on Zayn i swear there is something wrong with Victoria but whatever.

Louis P.O.V.

Victoria is m best friend she is so energetic and fun. but she is so adorable and the perfect match for Niall i think they look cute together. When i got into the car i sat beside Niall and zany beside Niall i expected her to sit on Niall but no her being all Victoria she decided to lay down on all of us. I looked down on her "hey carrot buddy" "did you just call me your carrot buddy" "you may hate me after this and i am so sorry but i don't like carrots" "WHAT HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE CARROTS!!! THAT'S IT I THOUGHT WE WERE BEST FRIENDS BUT I CANT BE BEST FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T LIKE CARROTS THAT'S IT WERE THROUGH!!!" "wait Lou i'm sorry i didn't mean to upset you can we still be best friends" "uhhh fine" "YAY" she got up and hugged me. She went and sat down on Niall's lap who by the way couldn't stop laughing. i heard harry yell from the front "Hey Victoria stop moving while i'm driving do you want to crash and die oh and by the way Lou i though i was your best friend" Jully said after "oh gosh harry your just like Victoria" "how?" "you over react in situations like one time Victoria threw a little pebble and it almost hit my eye so then i just shrugged it off then then she started yelling at me like ' how can you be so calm it could have hit your eye made one eye go blind and then since you only have one eye it messes us you distance so while you were cutting something you could have cut your hand and trying to find the first aid kit walk in to something made the other eye go blind and you walking on the street all blind and stuff then you fall off a bridge and you die, you could have died and you act like nothing happened if i were you i would have flipped." we all looked at Victoria to see see if it was true and she was like "what it could have happened" i just laughed at how random she was. 

Harry P.O.V.

"were here" i said i looked at Jully she is so cute the way her brown hair falls into perfect waves, i just hope she knows since we are going out in public she will probably get hate but i know she strong. I looked back at Victoria and i just laughed at her "what? do i look bad or something" "no babe you look fine you just look so happy to be getting food" "of course i'm happy it food plus i heard this place is amazing" "can i ask you a question?" "go ahead" "ok you know how you said you were a directioner right" "yeah where is this heading harry?" "be honest did you have any idea what Nandos was before you heard about it from us." "pssff yeah, NO!" she said looking down. "hey its ok" she smiled at me. We walked into Nandos and Jully asked me what good here. we started eating then Victoria and Niall tried to see who could eat more and like we all thought Niall has this that's why we were s surprised when Victoria beat him. You think  with her tiny figure she couldn't eat nothing like that. 

Niall P.O.V.

I was so amazed when Victoria beat me "i didn't think you could eat that much" 'like Jully said i love my food". After we were done at Nandos we started making our way to the beach. we finally reached there and i threw my shirt off "Last one in the water sucks"i screamed "hey that's not fair i have to take my clothes off" Jully yelled "well then take them off quick then" harry said to Jully winking at her. i looked at Victoria and she was in her bikini and my jaw dropped its girl is seriously so hot. "Hey take a picture it will last longer" "oh come on" i picked her up and starting running towards the water. "Niall put me down" "OK whatever you say" then i dropped her into the water. "oh now your gonna get it Horan" "i'm so scared" "you should be" then she jumped on me and i landed in the water and we started laughing so hard it was funny and then we started having a splash fight. She looked over to where Zayn was sitting "hey i'm going to go see if Zayn wants to come" but before i could say anything she ran off. i was kind of mad because Zayn wasn't acting right we was quiet all the time. Then Jully came up to me "Hey where's Victoria" "She went over there to talk to Zayn" she must have saw the sad look on my face. "hey are you alright Niall  "yea its just that i really like Victoria and i think that Zayn likes her as well but i don't know if Victoria likes me" Jully looked at me and said "are you kidding me do you not see the way Victoria looks at you she is totally into you" this made my day now i knew that she liked me i was going to go ask her out. But when i looked back to see where she was her and Zayn weren't there so i decided to look for them and i when i finally found them i couldn't believe what i saw...

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