Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


14. suprise

Niall P.O.V.

I knew it was kind of risky when i tweeted that Victoria was my girlfriend because of the hate she was going to get but i knew she was strong. So when i went on twitter and saw all the hate that my so called fan were giving to Victoria my heart broke in two then i saw what she tweeted 'to all the girls giving me hate out there i dont care if you judge me or call me names it wont make the boys like you better oh and by the way i am very happy with Naill and always will be so to all you people who are giving me hate the middle finger goes to you' i laughed at how she really dosen't care, i truly love her. When i saw what she tweeted about Jully i looked at Jully's page and her hate was bad too and i knew that Jully was more sensitive so i wasen't sure how she would handle it, but i couldn't take it anymore so i tweeted 'our fans really need to stop bothering our girlfriends it really upsets me and Harry as well with the other boys they've become good friends with girls too and if by some chance my girlfriend sees this i just want to tell you I love you'. When we were fianally done with our rehearsals it was around 4pm. I was going to ask Victoria to come to our last concert of the tour i had something special planned out for her and i think Harry has something planned out for Jully too.

*back at the hotel*

All of us came pileing through the room and when we got inside you could see that Jully's face was stained with tear marks and Victoria was there comferting her. Harry pushed pass me "What happened babe?" he said to Jully

Harry P.O.V.

When i came through the door and saw Jully crying it made me so sad "What happened babe?" i asked her. "The hate from twitter but i am ok now i had my very best friend to get me through it" she looked at Victoria and then hugged her i looked at Victoria and mouthed 'thank you'. "Best friends for ever" jully said to Victoria. "Hey i thought i was your best friend" Louis decided to add in and he made a pouty face. Victoria looked at Jully and shook her head "you are not my best friend" jully looked at her with sad eyes "you are my sister and Louis you are my chicken wing" chicken wing? ahh whatever i'll leave it at that. "anyways Jully i would like to ask you something as well as Victoria i think Niall wants to ask you something" "ok" they both anwsered.

Jully P.O.V.

I wonder what Harry was going to ask me? is he going to ask me to marry him? OH GOSH IM TOO YOUNG! or maybe just on a date? i need to calm down! I wonder what Niall is going to ask Victoria they are so cute together. After i saw someone waving there hand in front of me instantly snapping me out of thoughts "oh sorry harry what did you say?" "i was just asking you if you wanted to come to our last concert" oh thank god he didnt ask me to marry him "Yeah that sounds like fun" "thats good i'm so happy you said yes" i looked into his perfect green eyes and i couldn't help myself i went it and kissed him i felt him smile into the kiss which made me smile. He's just so perfect when we pulled away i looked at him and he had a sad expression on his face, "what's the matter" "nothing i just wanted to kiss you longer" i gave him a little peck and left the room and i saw the happy look on Victoria face i guess Niall asked her the same thing. i looked at her "Lets go get ready" "ok"

We went into my room and i took a shower then i came out and got dressed up in this and Victoria came out wearing this We went back into our room and the boys were gone so i decided to txt harry

Jully: Hey we came out and you guys werent there i guess you went to go get ready

Hazza: sorry babe yeah you guys took long to get ready we had to get ready if you guys are ready now i will come pick you up now

Jully: ok you can come here oh and bring Niall too i want to see his reaction

Hazza: why Niall?

Jully: just come you will see

Hazza: ok

"VICTORIA GET YOUR BUT OUT HERE NIALL IS COMING!!!" and with that Victoria came stumbling out of her room i just smiled at her "where is he?" "he'll be here in a second calm your tits" Then we heard knocking and laughing i went to the door "what are you laughing about" Niall started talking " well the first thing is how excited my girlfriend is too see me love you babe second the whole calm your tits thing and third i love your guys shirts." "YEAHHH BUDDY" victoria yelled. "hey why are you stealing my saying" "im not you copied it from jersey shore so huh and i learned it from jersey shore and said it way longer before i knew who you guys were" then harry butted in "when did you guys get those shirts" "well like we said before we were and still are huge directioners so yeah we just decided to buy these shirts hoping one day it would come true" Victoria said at the end with a sing-song voice. "Whatever you say love" "hey its like 6 we better head to the concert"

*At the concert*

Victoria P.O.V.

When Niall asked me to come to the concert he told me he had a suprise for me i am really excited i have no clue what it is. I was watching them from  backstage he had a voice of an angel secretly i always wanted to be a singer but i never thought i was good enough singer but it just looks like so much fun just seeing my boy up there jumping around on stage. When the concert ended they started doing twitter questions and the one question is 'where is your girlfriends?' I saw Niall look at me and usher me him i  went on the stage with Jully "we were going to bring them on regardless and i wanted to do this go sit on that chair over there" i sat down on the chair like Niall told me to do he took out his guitar and started playing 'stole my heart' i was smiling like an idiot threw the whole thing. "Did you like it" "i loved it" then he leaned in and kissed me i kissed him back "i love you" " i love you too" the crowd starting awwing us. "i have one more thing would you like to move in with me" "of course i would" i jumped up from my seat and hugged him nearly knocking him over "what are you trying to do kill me?" "oh shut up" i was so happy i didn't even notice Harry asking Jully is she wanted to come too. Then the thoughts came to mind i was going to share a house with 5 teenage boys and my bestfriend for the summer. THIS SHOULD BE FUN!

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