Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


24. Stephen?????????

Harry P.O.V.

I woke up early the next morning and i saw the most beautiful girl laying in my arms. She was so cute the way she slept. I looked at her and her eyes fluttered open. "What are you doing?" she asked me. "Oh nothing looking at my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend" "So you basically just admitted to watching me sleep" "while you are just so beautiful how could i not look at you" "your too adorable" she said to while poking my cheek.

"Hey baby wanna go make some breakfast for the others" i asked Jully. "Yeah let's go". She got up and i noticed she was only in my shirt. "Damn!" "What?" she asked me. "That ass" She was so sexy i swear. "OMG HARRY!" she yelled at me. "what? it's true" She walked closer to me and sat on my lap and started kissing me, I put my tongue to her lip asking for entrance and she gladly excepted we started making out hardcore and her hand went up my shirt and she pulled it off and threw it on the floor. My hands started to go up her shirt and when i was about to take it off "WAIT!!" "what's the matter?" "I've never done it before and i don't think i'm ready" "it's ok babe we can wait" "thank you" She told me. "No problem, hey wanna go make that breakfast now?" "sure". I walked over to where my shirt was and put it on and i saw Jully walk out and she was wearing my sweat pants and one of her tank tops. 

Jully P.O.V.

I love Harry i really do it's just that i never did it before and i was scared and I've only known harry for like 2 weeks and i was really scared. We walked down satires and me any Harry made pancakes, bacon, sausages and french toast. Me and Harry were eating when we saw Victoria and Niall walk down the stairs holding hands they were too cute. "We smelled food so we decided to come down and by the looks of it our judgement was right" Niall said. After everybody end up coming downstairs  Then Louis started talking "so i was thinking for something we can do today is go to the Carnival. "YES I FRIGGING LOVE ROLLER COASTERS AND OTHER RIDES! THIS WILL BE THE BEST DAY EVER!" Victoria screamed in the air. "even better than the day you met me?" Louis asked. "Well yes because i get to go on roller coasters and i get to be with you guys" "reasonable answer" Liam said and i am quite surprised hes been really quiet. i just sighed but i guess it was kind of loud because harry asked me if i was ok. "I'm fine i'm just not a fan of rides" Victoria then yelled out "Yeah shes a little bitch she can never go on any ride that's why i need someone who will go on anything with me" I gave her a rude look. While the others couldn't hold it in anymore they started bursting with laughter ahhh whatever. Then Niall said "what time do you guys wanna get going?" "well it's 10:00 now-" i was saying before i got so rudely interrupted by Victoria "what the hell do you mean it's 10:00 Niall woke me up to come downstairs with him and that is was already 12:30 you mean to tell me he woke me up from my beauty sleep for nothing?" i added "sorry she is not a morning person, school was the worst for her she would never wake up. Like she would literally come right when the bell rang every single day." "i'm sorry but it's true". The Zayn spoke up he was quiet too, "Well i invited Pierre to come over yesterday so i think imma go call her"

"ooooh Zayn got a girlfriend ohhhh la la" Victoria said acting like a 5 year old. He just smiled and shook his head and he patted her on the head.

"Hey don't touch the hair it will mess up my hair" Victoria said.

"oh will it now, eh?" Zayn said back trying to make fun of our Canadian accents.

"oh now shit just got personal don't diss on my country unless that pretty face aint gonna be so pretty anymore" Victoria said rather creepy.

Zayn just walked away "Yeah that's right be scared. I'm like a Vampire ahhhh" she said holding out her hands like a cat and her teeth like a rabbit. "I think my girlfriend was literally gone insane" Niall said. Victoria said back to him "well have you met Mr.sparkles?" "who?" "ahhh hes a normi get him away from me" I started dying of laughter it was a funny thing between me and Victoria and my other friend


Me, Victoria and our other friend Jersey were walking home from school and i yelled out "Hey look it's Jeff" Victoria added "There is Mr.sparkles flying in the air ready to take me home". If you are confused one day when me and Victoria we super hyper we said we were hanging out with Jack the Monkey but I didn't like that name so i changed it to Jeff and he was my friend. While Victoria's was Mr.sparkles the unicorn. So when we were walking and we yelled that Jersey just looked at us like we were crazy and Victoria asked her "what?" "who is Jeff and Mr.sparkles?" we told her about it and she called us 'weird' and Victoria freaked out and called her a 'normi' "Well do you have a special friend?" Victoria asked Jersey and she said no. Victoria started explaining "Well everybody has a special friend and when you don't have one anymore you become a normi." Jersey just looked at us like we had something wrong with us which is quite right i think there is something wrong with us but ahh whatever.

*Flashback Ended*

After Victoria explained that to everyone they started dying into laughter. Niall started talking so all of us except for you two are normi's i guess" "nope there is one amongst you guys who i still believe hasn't gone full normi" Victoria added and when she said it she looked at Louis "do you guys remember Kevin??" We all started Jumping up and down any when he realized we looked really weird we decided to go get ready. 

Victoria P.O.V.

I was getting ready Jully got dressed in and i got dressed in I went back downstairs and i saw everybody sitting on the couch when i walked into the room Niall walked up to me "i think you look sexy in this shirt but i don't want all the others guy out there to see your belly" "aww is my little Nialler getting jealous?" "no" "then i'm not changing" "fine i will get jealous" "ok just let other guys see what you have and they don't its not like where going to a club where going to a carnival where there will be rides and kids" "ok then let's go ok babe" I kissed him and i entwined our fingers with each other and we walked to the car. 

*After the car ride* 

"well since all of us probably want to do different stuff it can be Harry and Jully, Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Pierre and Niall and Victoria. Since i don't have anybody i think i should go with the people who are the most immature and Liam looked at me and Niall. Me and Niall just smiled at each other. We spread off into our groups Me, Niall and Liam went on all kinds of different rides and there was one i really wanted to go on but Niall got to scared so Liam offered to go on with me. While we were on the ride Liam started talking to me "well the real reason why i chose to be with you Niall was because i wanted to hang out with you." "aww that's sweet Liam but i said i'm dating Niall and you need to get over me." "i know what you said i just can't I like you too much and seeing you with Niall makes me sad thinking how i can't be with you and you looked so good today too." i noticed Liam checking me out "Liam eyes are up here!" i said kind of mad but softly i wanted him to get over me. The rest of the ride was kind of quiet when i walked off the ride i saw a group of five 15 year old girls. I walked up to Niall and one girl was like "oh there's Niall's little Bitch, you deserve way better Niall when you get a chance call me!" She handed him her phone number. They all left except for one girl, she came up to me "Hey, sorry about my friends they are just really big fans and i guess they still didn't have got use to their favorite member having a girlfriend oh yeah and by the way your really pretty" "aww thank you and don't worry i'm use to the hate so no probs ok bye". I walked over to Niall and took his hand he asked me "Hey wanna do get something to go eat?" "yeah sure". Liam was walking beside us and then he said "after this i think we should start heading home its getting kind of late." "ok". We went to a pizza pizza there and i still had my drink in my hand. When i was walking i dropped my drink.


Niall P.O.V.

We were all walking fine and then Victoria dropped her drink "STEPHEN?" who's Stephen hopefully he is not like her ex boyfriend or something but the way she looked at him like he wasn't real. She called his name a little louder "STEPHEN!!". He turned around and look at Victoria  "VICTORIA?" she nodded her head and slowly walked up to him and he was about to give her a hug when she backed away. i was really confused. i went up to Victoria and i put my arm around her waist "who is Stephen?" 

"Hes my b-b-brother." she finally chocked out

"you never told me you had a brother?" i asked her.

"Well when i was 5 and Stephen was 7 our parents got divorced and my dad took my brother and my mom kept me. but i never heard of Stephen after that or from my dad and now 15 years later. How come you never tried to call to contact me?" Victoria asked

"Well i was 7 and dad was totally pissed at mom and didn't want her in her life anymore so he deleted the number and i never really knew it being so young and i didn't have your number but i couldn't contact you but when i turned 16 i moved in with my girlfriend i couldn't handle dad anymore he was just out of control. Hows mom?" Stephen said

"well Mom is good she has a new husband and i understand about the number thing." This time she walked up to Stephen and gave him a hug.

He looked at her and said "Well what are you doing in England?" 

"Well i came here with my friend to a concert and i met my boyfriend here. Stephen this is Niall, Niall this is Stephen." I looked over at Liam and told him to join in "and this is Niall's band mate Liam." I shook his hand as did Liam. Victoria started talking again "well i came here and i am staying for the summer and right now i'm staying Niall and i think you know who One direction is."

"Wait so you are staying in a house with 5 guys, don't be a slut" Stephen said to Victoria. " Oh shut up and when do i get to meet this girlfriend of yours?" "well actually right now there she is" Out came of the washroom was a pretty blonde girl. I noticed she kind of gave Victoria a rude look. 

Stephen P.O.V.

I can't believe after 15 years i finally get to see my little sister again. Carlie walked over to us. I took her hand and walked her over. "Hey guys this is my girlfriend Carlie Stewart." "Carlie this is my sister Victoria, her boyfriend Niall and friend Liam" Then Carlie started talking "oh i know who you guys are One Direction right" They just nodded there head. Liam stepped in "I'm sorry i'm not trying to be rude or anything but the others were looking for us they are at the gate". Victoria looked at Niall "i think we should head back now but you guys are more than welcome to come over if you like" Victoria said to me. We excepted and Victoria introduced all of her friends to me. I noticed the one girl's whats her name again Pierre was checking me out.

A/N: sorry if it took me a while to publish this i'm in grade 8 and my teacher likes being an asshole and giving me lots of homework so i had to do that but i will update tomorrow i promise i love you my little chicken wings. By the way all the characters in mt book are my actual friends and Stephen is my brother and he better thank me cause the girl he is crushing on likes this girl named Carlie anyways thank yo for reading

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