Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


19. shopping

Jully P.O.V.

Me and Victoria were walking to the mall and we didn't really say anything. We were waiting for Eleanor so i just turned to Victoria "i need to tell you something" "go ahead" "well me and Harry this morning we walking up the stairs and we saw Zayn with his head pressed against Louis door and we asked him what he was doing and he told us just to shush and listen so we did and i know it's wrong to eavesdrop but i did so we heard Liam talking to Louis on how hes like oh i like her and the way she comforted me last night she just looked so cute but she is dating Niall so i don't know what to do. Victoria i think Liam likes you too" She just looked at me "are you serious" "yeah" "uhh i hate this why does there have to be do much drama i don't get how three guys from one direction can like me i am not even pretty and i don't want to a be a reason the band split up". Then i heard a voice i didn't really recognize from behind me "and why is it that the band might split up... sorry i forgot to introduce myself i'm Eleanor and you must be Victoria and Jully." Me and Victoria both turn around to look at Eleanor. "hi Eleanor i'm Jully and this is Victoria and its nice to meet you" i went to shake her hand but she pulled me into a hug. "so what's this about the band i hear that is going to split up." I look at Victoria to see if she gives me any kind of sign if its ok if i tell Eleanor and she just nods her head i know how much Victoria hated drama and that she defiantly doesn't want to be apart of it that is why she is probably like mad right now that Liam likes her. I went and told Eleanor everything from how she is dating Niall to Zayn kissing her Niall freaking out to how Liam likes her. "oh well that sucks for you babe but how about we just go shopping and get our minds off these boys just a girls day out" "that sounds nice lets go".

Eleanor P.O.V.

I really like Victoria and Jully and i think we are going to be great friend but all this drama with all the guys probably suck for her right now. but we will just get our mind off of it by shopping. We went into different shops and we each got a lot of different stuff. We all got hungry so we went to lunch at Nandos because apparently after Victoria tried it for the first time she fell in love with it. Victoria is so fun she is always so jumpy and bubbly sometimes she reminds me of Louis and Jully she seems normal but has a bit of a weird side too oh and i love the way she dresses it's so cute. How is it that we go to Nandos and we end up seeing the boys there.

Niall P.O.V.

I was really hungry and i looked in the fridge and i couldn't find anything so i asked the boys if they wanted to go to Nandos and they all agreed. i hope that Victoria was having a good time i hope that she gets along with Eleanor. We were sitting there just waiting for the waitress to come and who do i see walk through the door that's right Victoria, Jully and Eleanor. Well they were all laughing and talking so i guess they must have been getting along i was happy i always like to see Victoria happy i truly love her. I tapped Liam on the arm because he was sitting beside me. "look who's here?" "Niall did you make us come here on purpose its suppost to be their girls day out to get to know each other remember." "yes i remember i didn't know that they were going to be here i was hungry and you know how much i love Nandos and i guessing so does Victoria." 'whatever". I looked up and i saw that the girls were heading our way i stood up and went over to Victoria and i kissed her "hey babe how was your day today? did you have fun?" "tons how about you?" "great and it's better now that your here" "aww your so sweet, but you wanna get something to eat i never ate for like 3 hours i'm really hungry" "lets go". Me and Victoria went to go sit down with the rest of the guys. "Hey Victoria" they all said to her. "hey guys how was your day" "it was good but Niall wouldn't shut up about you all day." Louis said then Eleanor slapped him in the chest. We all ate and then we went home. 

Louis P.O.V.

When we went back home Eleanor pulled me to the side. "whats up love" "Jully overheard you and Liam talking and i know you know what i'm talking about and she told Victoria and i think Victoria is really worried about it because she doesn't want all the guys fighting over her i think we need to hook up Zayn and Liam with girls so they will get over Victoria." Crap Victoria found out whatever i'll have to talk to Liam. "yeah that would be good but who would we sent them up with?" " I was thinking this girl Pierre from this band Little Mix" "yeah that's great we can set them up" "ok". When we walked out all of them were sitting in a circle "hey what are you guys doing" i asked them. "wanna play never have i" "sure let's go"

We were all sitting in a circle and Jully started "never have i... had to do a presentation and making three clumsy mistakes in a row." she looked over at Victoria and laughed. Victoria took a sip of her drink

"why what happened" i asked her

"well in elementary school i had to go up and present my book report and well as i was getting up i was walking and i tripped over my chair and fell, then i was almost up to the front and they guy i had a crush on well i bumped into his desk and it almost fell over, while i presenting it i totally messed up and i kept on studdering  and when i was walking back and i went to go sit on my chair i forgot when i hit it, it was sorta shifted over so when i was going to sit down i almost fell off my chair but i didn't oh yeah and this bitch right here was laughing at me the whole time and she said that my face was really red." Victoria ended with. Everyone was dying of laughter by now including Victoria i liked how she can tell us stories without getting embarrassed.

"and i thought i was a klutz" Liam said. Victoria looked over at Liam and hit his arm "that's not nice to call people names" she said pouting. "i'm sorry love i didn't mean to upset you" "its ok li-li" she said ruffling his hair. But yet at the same time she knows that Liam likes her and she just even touching him he feels so happy ahh whatever. 

"Can we get on with the game now i wanna do it" i said really excitedly i knew exactly what i was going to say. "Never had i... asked out Victoria or Jully on a date" Nobody drank to that. So i looked at Harry and Niall "and apparently neither has their boyfriends would you guys like to do the honors." 

Harry looked at Jully "would you like to go on a date with me my wonderful girlfriend" "yes, yes i would Harry"

Niall looked at Victoria "i'm sorry i never asked you on a date sooner we just never really had the time so tomorrow will be perfect for that right." "yeah sure!" "cools"

Niall P.O.V.

I was planning on asking Victoria out on a date but it was just so busy and i wanted it to be the right time i guess now it is. Well after that our game just kind of died. "Hey i gotta idea how about we go and have a movie night" i said to them. "i wanna watch a scary movie" yelled Victoria. "but Victoria you hate scary movies and are terrified of them" Jully said to her "pshhh i'm not scared of anything". Interrupting their little fight or whatever i said "hey what movie you wanna watch? scream, saw, or prom night" "i saw all of those lets watch a movie i haven't seen" Victoria said. "well how about you come here and pick one out because i don't know what movie you wanna see" "oooooh i wanna watch insidious" 

We all sat down and the movie started at the beginning something jumped out and Victoria screamed so loud and dug her head into my chest. Everybody was laughing at her reaction. "can we please change it i'm s-s-scared" Victoria said. "no you said you wanted to watch it and you weren't scared of anything so we are watching it" Louis said. There was a TV in our room i whispered into Victoria's ear "hey wanna go watch a movie upstairs" she just shook her head. Then we headed upstairs  Then i heard Louis shout "HEY YOU GUYS MAKE SURE NOT TO MAKE A LOT OF NOISE" i heard everybody laughing. Then Eleanor chimed in "i can't believe you said that to them".

Eleanor P.O.V.

I couldn't believe he said that any ways we watched the end of the movie and i was scared but whatever. I looked at the time and noticed it was 8:00 pm. I remembered that I was going to try and hook up Pierre and Zayn together. i got to meet her and she seemed really nice and i asked who her favorite from the band would be and she said Zayn and i know that Zayn would like her too. I decided to call her *ring, ring, ring* 

"hello" she said

"hi Pierre it's Eleanor"

"Hey Eleanor what's up?"

"nothing i was just wondering if you wanted to go on a date with Zayn tomorrow?"

"yeah that would be amazing" 

"ok bye, ill text you the details later" 

"ok bye".

I walked back out into the living room. "hey Zayn can i talk to you for a second" Louis gave me a confused look and it returned it back with a 'i'll tell you later' look and he just nodded. This is why me and Louis relashonship was so good we didn't even have to say anything we just understood each other. "Hey Eleanor. What's up?" I pulled him into the kitchen. "Well i know about the whole thing about how you like Victoria and clearly she is very happy with Niall and i know this girl i don't know if you know her but her name is Pierre Edwards and she is from this band called Little Mix and i don't want that oh i won't go because i really like Victoria but you need to get over her and she is a really awesome girl not that Victoria isn't she is and I've become great friends with her but i already asked Pierre and she said yes so please go for me." " yes i do know who Pierre is and i was thinking that i needed to get over Victoria because she is with Niall and i don't wanna screw that up and i had Pierre in mind so yes this would be perfect" "Yay thanks Zayn" i said and gave him a big hug. Louis walked through the door. Him being all Louis acted so dramatic "what is this my girlfriend in the arms of another man i can i just can-" then he faked fainted to the ground. " i acted along it's not what it looks like boo you are the one i truly love." i kiss him and he wakes up "ok". Zayn looks at us "you two are weird i'm going to get out of here before it gets more weird." when I walked back into the living room i got a weird look from Liam and Harry but i just shrugged it off and went and sat beside Jully. She looked at me and whispered "what was that all about" "oh i hooked Zayn up with a date" "cool nice who is it?" "Pierre Edwards from Little Mix". 

Pierre P.O.V.


Victoria P.O.V.

Me and Niall went upstairs and were going to watch a movie and since i was still freaked out from the other one me and Niall decided to watch a funny move instead we decided on Bridesmaids i loved that movie. We were 10 minutes into the movie and Niall started complaining he was hungry so i went downstairs to get some snacks. Then i heard Eleanor and Zayn talking about him and some girl named Pierre going on a date. I was glad he was getting a different girl i hate it when people fight over me. When Eleanor left i went into the kitchen and almost had a heart attack when i saw Louis laying on the ground. He looked at me "hey Carrot Buddy" "hi chicken wing why are you on the ground" "long story" "oh well ok i was just going to get some snacks for me and Niall" "hey well i never got to talk to you today." "ok wells what's up?" "well did you have fun with Eleanor? do you like her? wait of course you do she is amazing i love her and uhh she is just so perfect" "Louis? yes i do like Eleanor and i did have fun today i would talk to you more but i thing Niall is hungry and you know how Niall was when he hungry." "yeah i guess so" II  went and made a sandwich and popped some popcorn and brought some chips. I finally saw Niall and he said "what took you so long i was up here all alone and starving" "i'm sorry i was talking to Lou " We put the movie on and kept on laughing the whole way through and when the movie was finally over. I turned to my side and looked at Niall. 

"you know i really do love you right" he asked me

"of course i do and i love you too." i said back to him. We looked into each other eyes and i leaned in and kissed him we started to make out. His lips were so soft and i just loved kissing him. He licked the bottom of my lips asking for entrance and i gladly excepted. When I finally pulled apart i looked at him "that was amazing" "it sure was". We just laid there and he has his arms wrapped around my waist and my head was cuddled into his chest and with that we both fell asleep i had a smile on my face. 

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