Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


15. Moving in

Niall P.O.V.

I was so happy when Victoria yes to living with me well me and the rest of the boys. As soon as we got back to the hotel "hey Victoria go pack up your things were moving in today" "aww ok" "what are you sad do you not want to move in with us" "no not that the hotel is just so pretty" "oh gosh" "SHIT" "whats the matter" "with all the fun that's been going on i forgot to call my mom" "ok babe you go do that"

Victoria P.O.V.

My mom is going to kill me i never called her and i have only been in England for what like what a week and i already have a boyfriend and moving in with him maybe my mom will let me she knows it's my boyfriend. *ring, ring, ring* "hello" "hi mom look i'm really sorry i forgot to call you" "its ok i know you and all the one direction business  "wait how do you know?" "honey you are dating a celebrity and im pretty sure i read the news" "so you aren't mad" "no just tell me all the details" "alright i told her everything from how we met to him asking him to move in with him" "ok honey have fun just not too much fun" i heard the smirk in her voice "eww mom i'm not going to 'do' anything" she just started to laugh "gotta go mom love you" "love you too sweetly and call me more so i know everything" "alright hahaha bye mom" with that i hung up the phone. I just threw all my stuff into a suitcase i'm not the most neatest person. I walked out "ready to go" i just nodded my head. me and Niall started driving everybody was already at the house. When we got there i was amazed it was so big where i lived before me and Jully only ever lived in a small apartment building. "its so big" Niall just laughed me and i gave him a pouty face "i'm sorry love will this make you feel better" she gave me a small kiss and when he was about to pull away i grabbed him and kissed him harder. when he pulled away "i'm sorry i just really wanted to kiss you" "hey i'm cool with it". We walked into the house "Victoria you are going to be sharing a room with me and Jully is going to be with harry" i smiled and nodded.

Zayn P.O.V.

I still liked Victoria but now that she is dating Niall i will back off well as much as i can. It made it a lot more harder with the fact that she is living with us now. But i need to move on Victoria is dating Niall and they are very happy together i need to find a new girl. I've been looking at this girl Pierre she is from the band little mix. we'll see what happens

Louis P.O.V.

When i called Eleanor she was kind of mad of the fact that two girls are coming to live with us but i explained to her that they are dating Niall and Harry and that nothing is happening  She understood and she is coming to meet them tomorrow hopefully she gets along with them what am i saying of course she will Victoria and Jully are awesome. I'm really tired i think i am going to go to bed. goodnight.

Liam P.O.V.

I can't believe it Danielle just broke up with me she said she didn't feel the spark anymore what the hell. I was sitting in my room crying and i was hungry so i decided to make a sandwich i went into the kitchen i saw someone looking through the refrigerator and i thought it was Niall but when i heard her voice "uhhh i'm so hungry why is there nothing to eat" "Hi Victoria  "hey Liam oh my gosh were you crying what happened" "i don't really want to talk about it" "it's ok you can trust me" she looked at me with a cute face w-wait what am i saying she is Niall's girlfriend "well ok Danielle b-broke up with me" i finally chocked up "aww li-li it's ok if she broke up with you she doesn't deserve someone as great as you" i smiled i went and hugged her "thanks Victoria you always know what to say". Then Niall walked in "hey whoa why are you hugging my girlfriend" Victoria said "its ok Niall he was just sad because Danielle broke up with him i was making sure he was ok" "oh ok wait Danielle broke up with you what happened?" "yeah she said that she didn't feel the spark anymore" i felt Victoria wrap me into another hug it felt so nice what am i saying her boyfriend is my best mate and right in front of me. "thanks" "no problem li-li" "hahaha i like the nickname also" she gave me a big smile. I just went and made a sandwich and brought it back to my room "goodnight guys" "bye goodnight" they said in usion.

Niall P.O.V.

When i saw Victoria hugging Liam i got really jealous. "Ok Niall what was that?" "what" i said all innocent i knew i was going to get crap. "you freaking out about me and Liam hugging" "i'm sorry i guess i am just jealous your just so beautiful and i want you to be mine" "i am yours but don't be all possessive i hate that" "i'm sorry babe" "its ok" she leaned in and i was ready for her to kiss me i wanted to feel her soft lips on mine but instead i felt her kiss my nose "tease" "yup" we both just started laughing. "hey babe wanna sandwich  she asked me "yeah that would be nice" she gave me my sandwich and she told me she was off to bed. "ill be in there in a minute" "ok goodnight babe"

Jully P.O.V.

When i first came into the house i was amazed it was so big and i got really happy when i was told that me and harry were sharing a room. I was really tired when i got to the house i just unpacked my clothes and changed into my pj's i laid in bed my eye lids started to close and i felt the spot next to me sink it i turned around and saw a shirtless harry in front of me. "oh gosh harry please tell me your wearing pants" "only if you want me too" he said and winked at me. I started laughing "but yes i am wearing pants" "good" He pulled me closer to him and i put my head on his chest and with that i fell asleep almost instantly 

Victoria P.O.V. 

I went back into the room that me and Niall were sharing i took off my shirt to put on another one and i heard the door open "shit sorry babe i didn't mean to look" I heard the click of door i put on one of Niall's shirts and took off my pants but his shirt was so long on me it was like a nightgown. I opened the door and pulled Niall inside and i think i scared him cause he jumped a little, i just giggled at this. "you know your giggle is really cute" "aww thanks baby" "oh and i like the shirt" i just winked at him. I just let Niall get ready for bed so i went into the bed and laid there until i felt a body beside me. i looked at him and he was shirtless i was totally checking him out from head to toe "take a picture it will last longer" Niall said imitating me from that one time when i said it to him at the beach, i took it literally so i took out my phone and took a picture "geez i was only kidding" "and i wasn't i wanna see your sexy body every time i look at my phone wait that just sounded like really creepy i take that back" "haha kind of weird but i don't mind if its you seeing and your cute when your nervous" "is everything i do cute to you?" "yep" "ok whatever you say but i'm really tired i wanna go to bed" "goodnight love" then he gave me a kiss on the head i moved in and he wrapped his arms around my waist and i snuggled my head into his chest and with that we were off to sleep.

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