Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


20. Morning

Victoria P.O.V.

When i woke up i saw my wonderful, cute and perfect boyfriend beside me. I kissed him on his nose. "good morning beautiful" he said to me. "good morning Niall". Then i got up and went to the kitchen and i saw Liam. "good morning Liam" he must not have heard me come down because when i said this to him he jumped. "oh hi Victoria! how was your sleep?" "great" He smiled at me, and i smiled back.

"Are you hungry?" he asked me

"always" i replied back to him. he just laughed at me. He put a bunch of food in front of me, and i looked at him "Liam i love you" "w-what?" "for making me breakfast you know i love food so yeah" "oh" he said a little disappointing and he put his head down. 


"yes?" he asked me 

"i need to tell you something" 

"what?" he said kind of shocked and scared of what i was going to say

"well...erm... i don't know if it's true but all the fuck with it Liam i know you like me!" i said kind of louder than i wanted to.

"what! how? did Louis tell you i swear i'm going to kill him."

"no Liam calm down Liam, Louis didn't tell me Jully told me her, harry and zayn overheard your conversation you had with Louis."


"and i just want to tell you Liam i think your a great guy but i don't like you like that i am dating Niall and i love Niall i don't think that will change. Zayn liked me at first but i think he got over me hes going on a date tonight just tell me that you will do that because i don't want to make it awkward for me and you i want to be friends. ok?"

"ok i'll try thanks Victoria friends" He smiled at me.

Then Niall walked down "hey whats for breakfast" "go ask Liam imma go wake up the other guys."

I walked upstairs and i walked into Louis and Eleanor's room they looked so cute together not for long. I thought of a way to wake them up so i went downstairs and grabbed all the carrots and took them and hid them behind a bush in the backyard and i took a piece of paper and wrote 'your face was so funny' i got some strange looks from Niall and Liam but walked it off then i placed it in the fridge . I went back into the house and took a black marker and walked into Zayn's room i went into his bathroom and took my red lipstick and wrote on the mirror 'you look good but i will always look sexier than you. xoxo- Victoria" Then i went up to Zayn and started to draw on him like one his face 'don't look so hot today do you?' i felt kind of awkward doing this part. i wrote on his abs " Victoria is the most awesome, best and sexiest beast out there' then i took a picture. First i went into Louis room again and i yelled "OMG LOUIS THE CARROTS ARE ALL GONE!!! YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!" he jumped out of bed and ran downstairs and i followed him then when he opened the fridge and closed it and he gave me a death glare. "WHERE ARE MY BABIES" "you gotta find them" "WHAT KIND OF SICK TWISTED MIND DO YOU HAVE HIDING MY CARROTS"Any ways i gotta go get Jully and Harry out of bed. "oh can i come see what you do to them?" "sure" I grabbed a bucket and filled it with freezing cold water "ohh this is going to be good" Louis said "yup". I was walking through the door and me being myself i trip over air and i make a huge thump on the ground while the bucket of water falls on me and i felt the bucket hit my head. After that everything just went.....


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