Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


10. I cant believe it

Victoria P.O.V.

I can't believe he said that to me, i went up to Louis and he said "how did it go" then he looked at me and saw that i was crying again "what happened." i said to him "can we just go back to the hotel and i will tell you what happened." "ok sure thing" 

Louis P.O.V. 

I went to Liam and told him that i was going back to the hotel with Victoria so we are just going to take a taxi so that's what we did and when we got back to the hotel. "OK love what happened" "well when i went up to him to tell him i'm sorry like you told me to do he starting yelling at me telling me i was a bitch and a slut for kissing his best mate while i was playing with his feelings, i finished what i was going to say at the beginning and he didn't even say sorry or try to come after me nothing. then i heard Jully start to yell at him and he said oh if she really liked me then why would she only pull away when she heard my voice she doesn't like me she is just sorry that she got caught." i cant believe Niall said why was he acting like such a dick to her, that doesn't seem like Niall. I gave her a reassuring smile "i'm sure Niall didn't mean any of that he was just mad and just took his anger out on you." "I would want to believe that but I'v just been taking everybody's advice today and look where it got me i won't believe it till i actually hear it from Niall himself" "that sounds good, but you look kind of tired do you wanna go to bed" she just nodded her head " i think i'm going to go to my room an just change, hey give me your number ok" "sure thing babe. she gave me her phone and i saved my self as 'your chicken wing' and she saved her name as 'your carrot buddy'. She left to go downstairs and not 10 minutes later they all came through the door. "Where's Victoria?" Jully asked all worried "don't worry she went back to your room to go get ready for bed" "I'll go check on her" and with that Jully left. I looked at Niall and asked him if i could see him in the room, he nodded slowly and walked with his head down. I closed the door and i started off man "what the fuck would you say that to Victoria" "look if you are just in here to yell at me save I heard it from everybody on the way here" "no i'm not going to save it because you crushed my best friends heart and what the fuck mate you don't call a girl a slut and and a bitch." "i know i heard it all" "she was so into you and she really liked you when she went to go explain to you, you exploded on her before she could explain anything to you" "i know i was there remember" "why are you acting like such a dick" "i'm not its just i'm not the one who fucking kissed another guy she is so i don't get why everybody is so mad at me" "are you trying to turn this all on Victoria" "well it was her fault" "how about you put it this way she wasn't your fucking girlfriend you never asked her out or took her on a date all you did was kiss in truth or dare so she wasn't your and she could have kissed who ever the fuck she wanted to to" "i-i-i don't know what to say" "of course you don't because you yelled at her for no reason" i was pissed at this point i stormed out of Niall's room "I'M GOING TO BED" i yelled to the rest of them i went into my room and just fell asleep so much fucking drama maybe i should call Eleanor tomorrow and see what she is doing i never saw my wonderful girlfriend in like 2 months.

Niall's P.O.V.

The who conversation with Louis just kept on replaying in my head and i realized how much of a douche i sounded i needed to make things right and i couldn't wait i needed to make things better right now

Jully P.O.V.

I was so pissed at Niall i cant believe he said that to Victoria and i thought it was cute how protective hoe Louis is over Victoria. I was walking downstairs and i got to the door and knocked on it and i heard Victoria yell "go away" "well okay ill just go sleep in an alleyway and get raped by a random guy" Victoria opened the door and looked at me and hugged me and said "come in" "psshh i don't need your  permission " "ok then go sleep with that guy in the alleyway" we both started laughing and then i looked at Victoria and she looked so sad and it makes me sad Victoria is like a little ball of happy, fun, and energy and when she cries or is unhappy it is just so sad. I looked at her seriously and asked her "are you sure your okay" "well to be honest not really but i don't want to ruin your trip so whats exciting that happened to you today?" "well Harry asked me to be his girlfriend" "OMG WHAT DID YOU SAY" i sent her a look like are-you-kidding-me-what-do-you-think-said "i looked at him and said no i cant date you because your harry Edward styles and your not attractive and the most perfect boyfriend ever what the hell do you think i said" "be like that then don't date Harry hmpp" i knew she was just kidding and then we looked at each other and both like squealed. While we were fangirling  about me being Harry's new girlfriend someone was knocking at the door. Victoria went up to the door to open it but i couldn't see who it was because Victoria was blocking. "hey who is it?" "Niall what the hell are you doing here?" oh shit

A/N: hey what do you think is going to happen i wonder anyways sorry for the short chapter i promise ill do like alot more chapter tomorrow right now its 1:34am so goodnight and thank you for reading my book and well if you dont like it then you can go fall in a hole byebye little chicken wings

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