Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


13. Hate?

Victoria P.O.V.

I woke up with a smile on my face i remembered that i was officially Niall Horan's girlfriend. I heard my phone beep and i looked at it and i noticed i got a notification and i looked on twitter and i noticed i had 300  new followers and i looked at all the tweets i was in a lot of them were hate like 'eww who's that girl she is so wrong for Niall' or 'shes fat why would Niall like her'. then i saw nice ones like 'aww you are so pretty and you two are to cute as a couple' and 'i wish when i get a boyfriend we look as cute as you' follow those girls. As i was scrolling down there was a lot of hate about me but when i was in school i got bullied a lot i got through it by just saying you say what ever you want i don't give a fuck what you say about me. So i went and tweeted 'to all the girls giving me hate out there i don't care if you judge me or call me names it won't make the boys like you better oh and by the way i am very happy with Niall and always will be so to all the people giving me hate the middle finger goes to you!' My phone went off again but this time it was a text message.

SexyIrishMan: hey beautiful, good morning i love you! me and the boys had to go to rehearsal today we have our last concert for the tour and have the rest of the summer off i'll see you later :) <33333  xxxxx

CuteCanadianBabe: good morning and i love you too! have fun and do good i can wait to see you later <3 xxx

Then i got another text...

YourChickenWing: hey Niall is texting somebody and is looking happy have any idea who it is ;) any ways best friend i saw your tweet and i just want to say good for you most girls would brake down

YourCarrotBuddy: nope i have no clue who Niall is texting ;) and thx but if you haven't noticed by now i'm not like most girls 

YourChickenWing: i know your much more awesome and anyways i gotta go Liam is yelling at me for texting ooops hopefully i didn't get in trouble by daddy direction

YourCarrotBuddy: hahaha its fine go!

I should go wake up Jully so as i was walking into her room i heard crying and i looked at Jully it was coming from her "what's the matter babe" its a thing we do we call each other babe. "t-t-twitter" she finally managed to spit out. "what about it" "l-l-look at it" "oh if it is about the hate who cares right the middle finger goes up to them right" "i know i should be strong i just cant i hate hate i just want to be strong like you" "well they suck and don't worry about it your awesome no matter what anybody says" i was pissed off so i went on twitter 'anybody who is being rude to my best friend and Harry's girlfriend @jullyanna4ever needs to stop she is really sensitive and i don't appreciate it you can be rude to me all you want but don't be rude to my friend and i'm pretty sure Harry doesn't appreciate it either' "hey thanks for writing that tweet for me" "no problem" i got replies almost instantly 'good that bitch deserves to hurt she is not right for Harry' or 'we don't even like you anyway so don't tell us to do anything'. One stood out @Niallofficial our fans really need to stop bothering our girlfriends it really upsets me and Harry as long with the other boys who are really close with them too and if my girlfriend sees this by some chance want to tell you that i love you' i smiled at his tweet then all the boys came pile ling into the room. "HEY GIRLS!" they all shouted 

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