Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


12. go get her

Niall P.O.V.

When i spilled it all to Victoria it just felt so right but at the same time i was scared what she would say back to me. she did it she kissed me and i felt fireworks go off, she pulled away and said what i was hoping she would say "Niall i think i love you too". i just smile a huge smile at her then i heard an "aww" i look to my lift where the lift was and i saw and old couple awwwing us what with all these old people in this hotel. i then heard an aww from behind me and i knew it was from Jully so i looked at Victoria and she must have heard it too because she was counting down from three and when she finally go one she pulled open the door and Jully came falling out of the room. Victoria looked at her and said "eavesdropping now where we" Jully quickly got off the floor and said "haha no.. ok i cant help it that was just the cutest thing ever not Niall just ask her out already so you guys an be the cutest couple in the world aside from me and harry." "you and harry are dating?" i asked surprised "yup" she said popping the 'p'. After i looked at Victoria and i took my hands in hers " this is not the way i pictured asking you it would have been a bit more romantic and private" i looked over at Jully and Victoria just asked "but i just want to ask you Victoria will you be my girlfriend" "ummm... i'll have to think about it" my heart sank "i'm just kidding of course i would love to be your girlfriend" I pulled her in for a kiss and then we started making out" "go get a room" I looked at Jully and she had a disgusted look on her face and she walked back into the room. i took out my phone and took a picture of us "hey whats your twitter " "Viictoriaakelly, why" "because of this" i posted the picture on twitter and said 'with my wonderful girlfriend @Viictoriaakelly" Then Victoria started screaming . i got scared "what happened" "what do you mean what happened i just got followed by Niall Horan by dreams came true" and then she pretended to fake faint, there was the happy and bubbly Victoria i love. "ok babe how about you get some rest and i will see you tomorrow" "k bye boyfrannnd" i started laughing

I walked back int the room and saw that Harry and Liam were still up. "heyy guys" i said with a smile n my face. "where did you go and why are you so happy" "just go look at your twitter i'm going to bed" Then i heard "go get her man" and "she forgave you?" i shouted back "YES TO BOTH NOW I'M GOING TO SLEEP DON'T BUG ME" 

A/N: sorry for the short chapters i didn't know what else to write anyways i hope your liking the book alright thank you chicken wings

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