Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


31. girls night


Victoria P.O.V.

Today was the day of my mom's funeral. I was really sad. When i got there a lot of people were there as i expected it to be my mom was a very loving person and helped a lot of people in our neighborhood so people came to pay their respects. Everybody took there seats and they started talking. (Sorry if i get it wrong how a funeral goes I've never actually been to one). People were coming up and talking and it was my turn. I got up and i started saying my speech. 

"Mom and Dad i am so sorry for all the things I've ever done. Even though Justin was not my birth father he will always be more of a father than my actual one is. I love them very much i just wish i could see them one last time which i know is not going to happen. I love you guys and you did not deserve this to happen to you. Even though i had my fights with my parents i know they will always love me." i was so sad and i was trying to not cry but i could not happen i was crying. I walked off and i felt someone hug me and i saw my three best friends Jada, Jully, and Onieka. Onieka i met from my cousin she introduced us and she had light brown skin and really pretty black hair, she was 18 like me and she would always come over to my house and we would have sleepovers even though she lived like an hour away from me. "Thanks guys i really appreciate it. You guys are the best!!". 

*After the funeral*

Still Victoria P.O.V.

We all went back to my house and decided to have like a girls night to cheer me up. I was getting over the fact now that my mother is gone and that i have to move on. It was me, Jully, Jada, Onieka, and Jully's cousin Ashley, even though Ashley is much younger than us she is very mature for her age and she likes to chill with us and i'm cool with it. We went to watch a movie and when we looked at the time it was 7 pm  We didn't know what to do do we decided to Skype the boys. They appeared on the screen, I saw Niall's adorable face and i instantly missed him. 

"Hey boys" we all said.

"OMG IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" scream Ashley. When i said she was chill she was until it's come to One Direction. Well what do you expect from a 14 year old. There faces were so funny. They look terrified. I started laughing. That snapped them out of it.

"It's so nice to hear you laugh again, Babe!" Niall told me.

"And it'd great seeing your cute face" I told Niall. 

"AWW look at the two getting all lovey dovey! It's too cute. At least i have Eleanor with me" Louis said. 

"ELEANOR'S THERE LET ME TALK TO HER NOW!" i yelled at them. Niall moved the laptop and Eleanor was now on screen. 

"Hey, Love how are you doing?" She asked me.

"i'm doing better what about you? what with you and Louis" I said while winking at her. She gave a gross face and Louis must have noticed. "Hey that's not nice" Louis fakes cry. "Oh babe i didn't mean it like that" Eleanor said all sorry.

"Oh Louis stop being a baby" i told Louis. I heard coughing from behind me and i looked back and i saw all my friends looking bored. "Oh shoot i forgot to introduce to to my friends... Well here is Ashley, Onieka, and Jada. Oh I also forgot this weirdo right here is Jully but you wouldn't want to meet her so forget about her. I looked at her and she was happy before and then she had a serious expression on her face "Bitch" Jully told me. "Back at you" i said to her. Then Jada chimed in "I thought i was your bitch". "Don't worry your still my Bitch, and i'm still your bitch" I told her reassuringly. She smiled at me. I looked back at the screen to look at all the boys confused. "Well if i must tell you..."


It was in elementary school i walked through the gate. I saw my friend Jada

"Hey" i told her

"Hey, i don't know why but your hair makes you look like a slut" Jada said to me.

"How?" i asked her.

"I don't know it just does"

"well you are a bitch, Wait! your my bitch" i told her.

"from this day you will be my slut and i will be your bitch" Jada told me. I nodded at her.


I told the boys this and they started laughing and i looked back at Jada and she looked embarrassed  "Don't worry i tell these boys everything so they know every embarrassing thing I've done" I told her. "how it that going to make me feel better" I just shrugged my shoulders. We just talked to the boys for a bit and we said that in England it was later and that they were tired and wanted to go to sleep. (sorry if the time is not really like this, i don't know). I looked at the time and it was 10 pm. Holy shit we were talking to them for three hours, who cares i missed my boys. We decided to watch a movie and we were watching 'That's my boy' and we were all laughing, Jully being the responsible one of the group told us that we should change it because it was inappropriate for Ashley  Ashley kept on telling her that she was old enough and understood all the things that were in the movie. It was really fucked up let me just tell you that. It was like 11:30 and Jully feel asleep. The rest of the girls were sleeping over at my house. This sucks i had to get a job to pay for the house but i might have to move out and buy an apartment. We were all talking and since Jully was sleeping we decided it was going to be a good tine to talk about her surprise birthday party we were going to throw her. I knew Jully hated surprises but oh well. I was thinking of getting the boys to come for the party. Her birthday was in a week, and Jully started school in 2 days. Sucks for her. When we were done planning it was around 12 pm. They all feel asleep. I was the last one up as usual i went upstairs into my bedroom and i got into bed and fell asleep. 


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