Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


9. Forgive me

Victoria P.O.V. 

Zayn looked all sad and lonely so i told Niall i would be right back. As i got there "Hey Zayn" he looked up and smiled "Hi Victoria  "why don't you come into the water were having fun" "nah i'm good right here" "come on you look all sad and stuff wait i know what will cheer you up" i look my hand and i started singing "i'm a landshark its a shark on land, its really easy to do all you have to do it take your hand and if you don't have one then your fucked but-" i was interrupted by Zayn "what the fuck are you doing" he said in between laughs. "do you know who Jenna Marbles is?" "no" "well she is this really funny person who does these videos and she did one on landsharks and i was singing it to you," "wow you really do know how to cheer someone up don't you?" he said smiling at me "it's my specialty" Then Zayn stood up "hey wanna go for a walk" "sure" he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "ok i gotta tell you a secret" "go right ahead" "well the only reason why i didn't come into the water with you is because i can't swim" i looked at him and chuckled "hey i know you think i'm a loser right" "no i'm laughing because you said it was a secret i'm a directioner remember i know  that you cant swim and that's ok." i sent him a reassuring smile. "well fine since you know that secret i have another one he took my hands and looked me in the eyes Victoria i really like you" i didn't know what to say i thought it was crazy if a guy from one direction liked me i was just a normal fan so i said "i like you too friends right" "then he said no more than friends" and before i could say anything i felt his lips on mine i was in such shock i forgot to pull away but i didn't kiss him back either. after i heard an thick Irish accent behind me "i was right i knew you didn't like me how could i be so stupid" that snapped me out of my shock and i looked behind me to see Niall's face with tear coming down his cheeks. He just turned around and started running i turned to look at Zayn and said "sorry Zayn i don't like you like that after that i turned around and started running after Niall but he was too far ahead for me to catch up. I just took off into a different direction and sat down and started crying. it was getting late and i was starting to get cold i only had a bikini on anyways. then i felt a jacket wrap around me i look up and i saw Louis. 

Louis P.O.V.

After we were all playing in the water i couldn't see Victoria, Niall, and Zayn so i got out of the water but i was cold so i put on a shirt and a jacket then i started my look for them. All of a sudden i saw Niall run right pass me and he has tears in his eyes i went to ask him whats wrong but he didn't stop running so i decided to go in the direction Niall came from to try and see if i could find Victoria or Zayn. As i was walking i heard sobbing i looked and i saw Victoria sitting there and she looked cold so i took off my jacket and put it around her. Then she looked up and i noticed how red and puffy her eyes were it was so sad to see her cry because most of he time she was all happy and bubbly. I sat beside her and asked her whats wrong she told me everything from how she felt the first time she saw Niall to Zayn kissing her and Niall seeing her. i was kind of pissed at Zayn i pretty sure he knew how Niall felt about Victoria. i looked at Victoria "if you like him so much then go tell him what happened hell understand." "are you sure about that?" "positive, now go get your man" "thank you your the bestest friend ever" you got that right carrot buddy" "i already told you i don't like carrots" "well since you said your a directioner i'm pretty sure you saw that video diary of me saying i like girls who like carrots and since i like you, you have to like carrots" "fine bye chicken wing" "chicken wing?" "if you were really my best friend you would know that i love chicken wings" "this is why your my best friend you are so random i love it" "your right i'm fucking awesome" "hey no swearing remember i'm older than you" "ok dad that's only 2 years older than me."


Zayn P.O.V.

I cant believe i kissed her i just fucked everything up gosh i'm so stupid!!

Jully P.O.V.

i don't know why everyone else went or what the fuck is going on but i don't really care i'm just so happy harry asked me to be his girlfriend. i needed to tell Victoria we tell each other everything and maybe i can help her settle all this Niall drama. Then i saw her walk up and her eyes were red and puffy and she had tear stains on her cheeks. i ran up to her "omg babe what happened." "its a long story and i will tell you after but right now i just really need to talk to Niall" "yeas sure just know that im here for you" 'thanks" and then i hugged her.

Niall's P.O.V.

I can't believe it she kissed him i thought she liked me and Jully lied. i'm also mad at Zayn he knew how much i liked her i fucking pissed off. without thinking i went up to Zayn "he mate look i'm so-" he was cut off by me punching him in the face "hope you have fun with that bitch oh and your bruise" with that i walked away. I saw Victoria run up to me i really don't want to talk to her i wont forgive her she is such a bitch. "hey Niall look i'm really sorry i wanna-" "save it i get it you just like to fuck with guys feelings i really liked you and you fucked it up by acting like a slut and going kissing my best mate. fuck you!" "i came here to tell you that i don't like Zayn like that i really like you Niall and Zayn is the one who kissed me and i was shocked i didn't kiss him back but now no i wish i never met you fucking asshole! Just don't talk to me ever again." if that is what really happened I feel like an asshole. Jully came up to me and slapped me across the face "DON'T YOU EVER FUCKING CALL HER A SLUT OR A BITCH AGAIN, SHE DESERVES SOMEONE WAY BETTER THAN YOU GOD I TOLD YOU SHE LIKED YOU BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME YOU FUCKED EVERYTHING UP NIALL!!" i was pissed off i didn't mean to say it but i did "oh yeah, well if she didn't really mean it then why did she pull away when she heard me say something she was only sorry because she got caught not because she likes me." "you know what Niall your a fucking idiot and with that she turned around and ran up to Victoria to comfort her i suddenly felt really bad and regretted everything i said but i knew it was already to late shit! 

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