Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


32. Embarrassed

Victoria P.O.V.

I woke up and i heard all the girls talking downstairs  I looked at the time and it was 8 am. Wa-what the fuck who the hell wakes up at 8 in summer. I got annoyed and i yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP I'M TRYING TO SLEEP UP HERE!!!!!!". It went quiet and i was happy i put my head back on my pillow and i tried to fall back asleep, as soon as 4 girls bust through the door. They all looked really happy, I was surprised when i saw Onieka there she is not a morning person like me. "What the fuck do you guys want it's too early go back to sleep" i told them. "But we have a surprise for you" And then the door opens...

Niall P.O.V.

It was like 4 days since Victoria left i am so sad. I wanted to see her so badly. I was talking with the rest of the boys and we wanted to surprise them by visiting them. She Skype us and we told her that we were tired and that it was night time here in England. Me knowing Victoria she was horrible with this kind of stuff so she bought it we were actually getting ready to come visit them in Canada. I was so happy i couldn't wait to see my beautiful girlfriend . I know Harry was happy to see Jully and Zayn has been talking to Victoria friend Jada. I know the rest of the boys will be happy to see Victoria too. 

*Skip everything! Outside Victoria house*

I knocked on the door and this short girl with red hair opened the door. Her name was Jada i think. When she saw us her eyes got huge. Zayn stepped in front of me. 

Jada P.O.V.

I woke up to get something to drink and then i heard knocking on the door. I looked at the time and it was 7:40 am. Who the fuck is here this early. I got the door and I was surprised to look at 5 very good looking guys also known as One Direction. Zayn stepped in font of Niall. "It's nice to actually see you in person" Zayn told me. I was so flattered i blushed. Me and Zayn have been texting but this is the first time i actually seen him in person. He is really hot. "Yeah it's great to see you too, you guys wanna come inside." I told them. Louis walked in "Please we don't need your permission!" I looked at him. "oh really now then get out your not welcome the rest of the boys are but not you!".

Louis looked at me "did you just sass me? No one does i am the SASS MASTA FROM DONCASTER"

"Well your in Canada and you are no match for me" I said right back to him. Everybody was laughing. "Listen short one no one talks to Louis 'the tommo' Tomlinson like that". Ouch i get it i'm short not everyone has to say something about it.

"OK Louis tommo Tomlinson whatever get inside and shush your mouth." he looked at me. Jully walked in and she looked really tired. "Who is at the - HARRY!" she ran up and jumped into Harry's arms and started kissing him. I just walked away and told the boys to follow me and i yelled at the other girls to wake up.

Zayn P.O.V.

I saw Jada and she was even more pretty in person. That fight she had with Louis was so cute. We were all talking then I heard someone yell. "SHUT THE FUCK UP I'M TRYING TO SLEEP UP HERE!!!" I knew it was Victoria. Everything got quiet and the Jully said "Let's surprise her!! we will tell her that we have a surprise and you guys will come into the room" We all nodded out head to her plan. We all went upstairs and the girls went in and then i heard Jully say "But we have a surprise for you..." That was our Que we all went inside and the first thing i noticed was One Direction....

I looked on all the walls and it was covered with One Direction posters. There was a big poster of me. Wow i look good like anyways. I looked back to see a very shocked Victoria.

Victoria P.O.V.

I see One Direction frigging enter my room. I was shocked and then i was Happy then i was embarrassed when i looked at all my walls i looked like a crazed fan. I looked at them and they started bursting out laughing. I saw my little Nialler and i jumped out of bed and started to hug him. "I missed you so much". He said to me. The room got silent. I looked at them and they looked at me like i was an alien or something. Jada said "you might want to put on some pants you slut" I looked down and i was only in my underwear. I strutted around and i was like "I know you like it" The Harry looked at me " i do like it" Then he winked at me. I jumped into my bed and covered myself up. "You dirty little boy!" I yelled at him. They all walked out of the room so i could get changed but Niall was still there and he was staring at me. I walked into my closet and i couldn't find anything to wear. I looked at Niall and told him not to say anything. "OH MY GOD THIS IS A DISASTER I NEED HELP NOW!!" i screamed at the top of my lungs. All the boys came rushing in and i looked at them. Louis had a carrot, Zayn had a mirror, Harry had an umbrella and Liam had a bat. wait hold the fuck up where did her get that bat from?? "What? what happened? do you need saving?" Liam said all worried. 

"Well i don't need your boys help i needed the girls i don't know what to wear and i need there opinion " I told them. Everybody seemed to relax. Jully was like "uhh not again". I rolled my eyes at her and looked at the rest of the boys.

"first of all what are you going to do with a carrot, or a mirror.?" i asked Zayn and Louis.

Louis started talking "well i was munching on a carrot while you screamed. And i was looking at myself in your mirror" Zayn finished. 

Ashley budded in "Oh Zayn can i borrow that?" Oh gosh Ashley and her mirrors i swear her and Zayn are twins. "And second where did you get that bat?" i asked Liam pointing to the bat in his hand. He just shrugged him shoulders. WIERDDDDD.

The boys left the room and the girls picked out my black skinny jeans, with my blue tank top that says peace, my black beanie and my Nikes. If you noticed from how i dress from Jully she has more of a girly-girl look i have more of the funny kind of look. I don't know how to explain it. But today was going to be good it was Jully and Ashley last day of summer. It was going to be superfantastictotallyawesorificfun day. 


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