Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


23. Date Night

Niall P.O.V.

I looked through my jacket and i finally found it i took out a little box....

i opened it and there was two rings. "Victoria will you... please except these promise rings i got. The promise is that 'we will stay together through no matter what' so what do you say" "yes Niall" i handed her the ring and she put it on her finger and we just laid there it was a perfect night. 

Jully P.O.V.

I wondered what Harry had planned for me knowing him he is the perfect boyfriend ever and i know whatever he has planned with just be amazing. We where in his car when it stopped and Harry got out and came around to my side and opened the door for me what a gentleman. We walked into the restaurant and ordered our food and it came we sat down. Harry looked at me and said "well the first day we met i heard a lot about Victoria and know i want to know about you"

"well what do you wanna know?" i asked him.

"what is your favorite color? why did you come to England?  how old are you? when is your birthday? what grade are you in? what school do you go to? whats your favorite food? and who was your favorite member of one direction before you met us" He asked me

"whoa harry slow down well... purple, me and Victoria came to England because well of you guys to come see you in concert and we wanted to see England, i am 17 years old, September 1st, in going into grade 12, i go to Jean Vainer High School, pizza, and YOU!" i said answering all the questions truthfully.

"aww that's so nice i'm flattered but i wonder something you said you go to Jean Vainer but i swear Victoria said she went to a different school." Harry said

"well yeah she goes to Cardinal Newman High School well went there she graduated and we met in elementary school i was in grade 5 and she was in grade 6 and it was a split class and we happened to be in the same class and she was sitting beside me and we became great friends but then she graduated when i graduated we end up going to different schools but we were still great friends." I explained to him

"oh, and tell me about this dance crew you were talking about".

I looked at him and started explaining "me, Victoria  my friend Rosemita who went to the same high school as me, and then there's Jada who was Victoria's best friend from Jr kindergarten  ,then there was my cousin Ashley  There is really not much to explain we were going to become a dance crew but school got in the way for us and we just split up"

"well now that your on summer why don't you try again" he said to me

"we wanted them to come to England with us but they said they didn't have the money" i told him

"oh that's easy we will pay for them"  Harry told me

"no Harry that is asking for wayyy to much" i said waving my hands 

"nothing is too much for my girlfriends happiness". He said smiling at me.

"even if they did come where would they stay there is no room in the house" i told him.

"well actually there is" he said kind of quiet and unsure

"what are you talking about" i asked him clearly confused 

"well there is another floor to the house and there is like 3 more bedrooms and we only said there wasn't anymore because me and Niall wanted our wonderful girlfriends to stay with us" she said making his face look all cute.

"aww how could i be mad at that face" 

"that is what i was going for." I went over to him and gave him a kiss. 

When i pulled away Harry said "Jully I LOVE YOU!" i was shocked that was the first time Harry said that to me. When i didn't say anything Harry looked sad and took a step back. I took a step closer looking him in the face "Harry i love you too" Harry had a huge smile on his face. He started screaming "DID YOU HEAR THAT SHE SAID SHE LOVES ME!" People just looked at us like we were a cute couple but one person decided to ruin it "Hey good for you now shut up i'm trying to eat dinner here." I looked at him as we were leaving and said "its okay Mr. lonely you will find your love one day" We walked out of the restaurant and Harry looked at me "i cant believe you said that to him" "oh well" We got in the car and started to drive off back home tonight was a perfect night.

Zayn P.O.V.

I was driving to pick Pierre up i don't know why i was so nervous i mean I've dated lots of girls before and never felt like this i guess i just never had a girlfriend for a long time and i wanted it to work. I finally got to her house and i went to her door and started knocking. She opened the door and she looked so beautiful the way her blond hair fell into perfect waves. "Hi Zayn" "hello are you ready to go?" "yep" 

Pierre P.O.V.

I was putting on mt shoes when i heard a knock at the door and i saw Zayn and i must say this boy is super hot i cant believe i was going on a date with him how lucky am I. "Hi Zayn" "hello are you ready to go" "yep" i closed the door and locked it. He came to my side and opened the door for me he is so sweet. We finally got to where we were going and it was a restaurant  We took our seats and started eating our food and he was just asking me about my band and stuff. After the night was over he asked me if i wanted to hang out with him and the boys along as their girlfriends and i accepted. He dropped me off at my house. I was just replaying the whole night over and over in my head i think i am really starting to develop feelings for Zayn it was a perfect night. 

Victoria P.O.V

When he pulled out the rings my heart stopped he was so sweet i would love to be with him forever and ever. After i said yes we just laid there on the blanket. All of a sudden Niall got up and ran to the car i was confused until he walked back with his guitar in his hand. He sat down and started playing stole my heart and he sang to me it took a minute girl to steal my heart tonight. yeah waiting for a girl like you. Before i even realized it i was singing along with him and he just looked at me "you really do have an amazing voice why would you ever think that you weren't good" "well one year everybody told me i was a great singer and they told me to audition for the talent show and so i did and when i got up there i totally froze and i did horrible everybody laughed at me and i felt horrible i swore to never sing in front of anyone i was too scared." " well hey i heard you sing and i think i know if i hear a good voice when i hear one and trust me i heard a voice of an angel" "ok now you just saying that" "no i'm not i mean every single word" "aww Niall i really do love you" I got up and kissed him on the nose. " i said all of that to you and all i get is a kiss on the nose?" he said with a pouty face. "oh ok babe come here" I went up to him and kissed his soft lips and it was just so perfect i loved his kisses. "Do you wanna get going home now, babe?" He asked me. "Yeah sure" 

*After the car ride*

I walked through the door holding Niall's hand. "aww look at the two lovebirds" cooed Louis. Jully looked at me and smiled then she looked at my hand and she must have noticed the ring. "VICTORIA ME YOU NOW!" "ok ok in coming chill your balls" everybody started laughing. She looked back and faked laugh and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into her room.

Jully P.O.V.

OMG I saw a ring on her finger did Niall propose to her she seemed really happy. I would be happy for her no matter what but she is just too young. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my room. "what is that" i said clearly pointing at her hand. "Geez Chill Jully it's just a promise ring he didn't ask me to marry him or anything." "ok well what it the promise" "that we stay together forever and nothing will brake us apart" "aww that's so sweet" Victoria and Niall are a really cute couple they were made for each other. I'm so happy Victoria got Niall as a boyfriend its her first serious boyfriend and i am just so happy for her. i looked at her "TELL ME EVERYTHING"  she explained everything to me everything Niall said it was so sweet. "okay now your turn tell me what happened with you and Harry." and as she did i explained everything that happened. "ok well i would love to hear more about you and Harry but i am really tired so i am just going to go to bed ok babes Love ya" 

Victoria P.O.V.

AWW Harry told Jully he loved her they are such a cute couple i went into my room and took off my dress and make-up. I was in my bra and underwear i look through the closet and i found a pair of my shorts to wear and i took one of Niall shirts i love them there so big and comfy oh and they smell like him. I put my hair up into a bun and crawled into bed. My eyes were closing and i felt someone put there arms around my waist and pull me close to them i turned and looked at Niall and gave him a kiss on the nose and with that i fell into a deep sleep. Boy was i tired. 


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