Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


17. crush

Liam P.O.V.

When i woke up this morning i was really frustrated i couldn't sleep last night i could only think of how Danielle broke up with me and how caring and cute Victoria was last night i think i was starting to develop feelings for Victoria but how could I she's dating my best mate but i just did. I couldn't take it anymore and i had to talk to someone i mentally made a list in my head...

Victoria: well shes Victoria so nope

Niall: Victoria's girlfriend

Jully: Victoria best friend

Zayn: likes Victoria too

Harry: would probably tell Jully

that only left one person i could trust Louis

So i decided to walk to Louis room. "hey you awake" "now i am whats up Liam" "i need to tell you something" "what?" "i think i like Victoria" that made Louis shoot right out of bed. "what do you mean you think you like Victoria? she is dating Niall" "i know its just that when Danielle broke up with me" "DANIELLE BROKE UP WITH YOU WHEN?" "shhhh keep it down i don't want the whole house to know and yesterday and when i was feeling sad i saw Victoria  i told her what happened and she conferted me and i had feelings for her but i don't know what to do i mean shes dating Niall and i doubt she even has feelings for me and i know Zayn likes her too" "well Liam i wish i could be more help i really could but Victoria's dating Niall and they are good together no offense and i think they will be together for a long time so i am not sure and i don't think that you should ruin it  the most i can say is when she is on the market but your Liam charm on but for right now just try and get a different girl" "thanks i'll try" i was getting up to walk out of the room when Louis stopped me "Wait what happened between you and Danielle you were so right for each other" "she said she just didn't feel the spark anymore" "oh well i always knew she was a bitch" i laughed and just walked out of the room. When i got out i saw Jully, Harry, and Zayn laying on the floor what if they heard oh gosh. After i was done questioning them i just decided to shrug it off and i went back into my room.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N: by the way no hate to Danielle i love and support all their girlfriends i just needed to add more drama


*back to the story*

Victoria's P.O.V.

After that awkward encounter with Zayn i went back into the room with Niall and i saw him sleeping. "Come on sleepy head wake up. FOOD" He jumped out of bed. "wheres the food" "in the fridge i thought my wonderful boyfriend could make me a nice breakfast please" he looked at me with a are-you-kidding-me-face. i gave him a puppy look "aww your too adorable i cant say no to that face" "yay" Niall just laughed at me. "hey why are you wearing my pants" "well there was an awkward situation where Zayn might have seen me with them not on and i didn't want to be all slutty and walk around in my underwear with 4 other guys in the house and i was just too lazy to get my pants and i really had to go pee and your pants are just so comfortable"  "haha ok whatever you say babe" he gave me a kiss i loved his kisses. We walked downstairs and saw Harry, Jully and Zayn sitting at the table with a bunch of burnt pancakes. "what happened to the pancakes" me and Niall said in usion. "oh my you guys are just alike its kind of scary" Harry said. "wanna hear another thing that me and Niall both have in common" "what?" "we both love... ME!" I said jumping in the air and pointing at me. "how could i not love you, your just so lovable"  I smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Liam and Louis came down after i walked up to Louis "hey chicken wing wanna do me a favor" "yeah sure thing love what is it" "well can you make me breakfast because I AM FUCKING STARVING!! i don't know i think Jully and Harry burnt the pancakes while getting their loving on and Niall said he would but hes just sitting there so pretty please with a cherry on top" Everybody started laughing at me except for Jully who was red like a tomato i'm guessing about the comment i made about her and Harry oh well she deserves it for burning the pancakes. Louis spoke up "i would cook for you but i don't think you want food poising so no sorry" "is anybody going to make food no ok i guess i'll make it" i started to put the frying pans on when i felt two strong arms wrap around my waist "you look really sexy in my clothes and cooking" "aww thanks baby" i turned around and kissed him but then i pulled away. he gave me a confused  expression "let's not do what Jully and Harry did" i must have said that quite loud because i looked and saw that Louis was laughing while Liam and Zayn had a look of jealousy on their faces i wonder what's up with them ahh whatever. I finally finished cooking and i put on the table eggs, bacon, toast, sausage, and pancakes. "Wow, this taste amazing" Louis said "thank you" Then Niall said "i am so lucky i have a hot girlfriend that can cook" "and i have a sexy boyfriend that can sing" "uhh you too save it for the bed tonight" Jully said me and Niall just started blushing while the others were laughing except for Zayn i wonder if he still has a thing for me the way hes been acting maybe but i just don't want drama right now and Liam had a fake smile i guess he is just sad about the whole Danielle thing breaking up with him hes not in a great mood i might be able to hook him up with my friend though she is a big directioner like me and Liam was always her favorite. Snapping me out of my thoughts "wow she must be deep in thought i wonder what she is thinking about?" i heard Niall say. "sorry what did you say honey" "well Louis talked to Eleanor and she wanted to hang out with you and Jully to get to know you guys better so we were wondering if you guys wanted to shopping with Eleanor" "don't worry shes great" Louis added it. "sound like fun" i said i put on a fake smile what if she didn't like me a lot of girls didn't like me at my school because they said i was too happy and bubbly all the time i was fake but all my friends i have were just like me so that's why i was friends with them but all the other girls didn't like me. Plus Eleanor is a model what if she thinks i'm not serious enough yeah i do my research wait what am i talking about she is dating Louis i'm talking about a boy who talks to a plastic pigeon i was just kidding Kevin you are real. Maybe this will be fun!!! 

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