Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


6. back at the hotel

Victoria P.O.V.

I don't know what was up with Zayn in the car he just sat there and stared a me but whatever. As soon as we pulled up to the hotel there was all these screaming fans oh gosh. Niall must have saw my face because he said "don't worry, babe" in his sexy Irish accent, oh i loved the way he said 'babe'. We all started getting out of the van and me being my clumsy self i end up tripping on something and i fell. I heard laughing and i knew it could only come from one person and i looked back and i was right it was Jully  I heard Harry say "that's not nice to laugh at your friend she could have got hurt" she replies with "oh its ok she is so clumsy she has had way worst encounters with stuff like this like we were at her party and she fell down a hill and her cousin was scared of something so her cousin Erin ran right into Victoria and she fell into a pile of leaves and it was all in her hair!" everyone was laughing at this point. "shut up Jully at least when the teacher asked me a question i didnt go so umm i think that... umm it's ok err maybe a accident umm yeah uhhh yeah thats it." she gave me and death glare "BITCH!" "fuck you too". They looked at us like we were crazy and i said "what?" i noticed i was still on the ground i got up and dusted my butt off. "nothing you guys swore, you guys seem so innocent" said Liam. "im sorry we are not like that at all! we are totally random and do crazy shiz, oh and don't be surprised with the swearing Victoria has a very bad problem of swearing" They all looked at me "i'm sorry i have a problem oh well."i replied. "Is there anything about Victoria that we need to know about. "well..." Jully started "she swears a lot like i said, she finds anything funny if you tell her the most retarded things she starts laughing,  she doesn't let anybody say shit to her if you say something to her she will probably kick your ass, never turns down a dare and one time she got dared to caress a pole and there were little kids there so she did it and when she was leaving she yelled 'I LOVE YOU POLE' i think those kids were like scared for life and one more thing she eats a lot i mean she LOVES FOOD! a lot of the times she eats like a pig and we tell her to eat more better and she says she doesn't care if people have a problem don't look at her" "hey, hey Jully maybe you wanna shut up now!" i said clearly embarrassed i cant believe she just said that about me to one direction especially in front of Niall. 

Niall's P.O.V.

When Jully described Victoria i just started to like her 100 times more. "WOW its like Victoria was made for Niall" Louis said. "As much as i would like to stay out here and talk about Victoria do you think we should go inside so we can chill, if you girls want to can come over if you want" Liam said "sure" i was really happy i wanted them to come. we sneaked through the back door and made it to our room turns out that Victoria and Jully room was right below us. "So what do you guys wanna do" Victoria said breaking the silence. "I KNOW LETS PLAY TRUTH-OR-DARE!" Louis yelled. "i'm totally in" Victoria said high fiving Louis. 

Victoria P.O.V.

"OK Jully truth or dare?" Louis asked her "truth" "OK, how many posters of us do you have in your room?" umm like 10, but hey at least i'm not as bad as Victoria she has at least 60 posters of you guys." i could have killed her right there right now but i just gave her a death glare while all of the guys just looked at my and then i blushed. "Harry truth-or-dare?" "erm dare" "i dare you to go outside the hallway and yell 'JULLY IS A SEXY BEAST!" of course Jully would give that dare. so harry went into the hallway and yelled it as loud as possible and we starting laughing so hard while this old couple gave him a weird look. "okay well that was really embarrassing oh well, so Victoria truth-or-dare?" "umm harry ill go with truth" "oh i got one how is your favorite member out of the band" "oh that's easy Niall" when i looked around harry and Louis had smirks on their faces, Jully had a look of oh la la, Zayn looked sad but yet also mad, and then when i looked at Niall he had a big smile on his face so i gave him one right back. "awww you too are just too cute together" cooed Louis. after more people got dared and stuff Jully asked me "Truth or dare" "this time ill pick dare" "OK i dare you to kiss Niall" i looked at her like imma kill you and a thank you. "go on do your dare like Jully said you never back out of a dare" harry said. it is true i never back out of a dare so i turned to Niall and we started getting closer and closer finally our noses were touching then he went in so there was no space between us his lips were so soft and i felt fireworks go off i started playing his his hair and his hands were on my back. when we finally broke apart everybody was gone. "Finally you guys took long enough i said to kiss not fucking make out" said Jully "oops" i said in a little innocent way. I looked at all them there were all sitting on the couches in front of the TV and then i was thinking wheres Zayn? 

Zayn P.O.V.

Are you fucking kidding me a kiss i was so pissed off why couldn't i be the one to kiss Victoria. They started making out and when the rest of them said they were going to watch a movie I said i was tired and wanted to go to bed. i wasn't really tired i just didn't want to be out there with them so i came back into my room.

Niall P.O.V.

I was so happy when Jully dared Victoria to kiss me, but i don't know what Zayn's problem is he keeps on giving me glares with  everything i will have to go and talk to him. when our noses were touching i couldn't take it anymore i just leaned it and kissed her and i swear sparks flew everywhere. she started playing with my hair so i grabbed her back and pulled her closer to me. When we broke apart i was sad i didn't want to let her go and then i looked around and noticed that no one was there except for Victoria  after we found out that we were making our for so long they decided to end the game and just go on the couch and we were going to watch a movie. we decided on Toy story Liam's choice of course but also he was really suprised  when Victoria said she never watched toy story before and Jully said she looks Disney films. When we were done the second movie it was like 11:00pm. "oh my gosh is 11:00pm already its getting late i think we should go" "aww but i was about to put on the third movie" whined Liam  "alright i guess we could stay for one more movie" she looked at Jully and she shook her head excitedly  Half way through the movie i noticed Victoria was starting to look a little tired so she had her head on my shoulder i was going to ask her if she was tired but then she would leave and to be honest i didn't want her to and by the end of the movie everybody was asleep except for me, Liam  Jully and harry. " i'm going to bed night guys" said Liam  "Jully since Victoria is asleep you wanna just sleep over the night its fine with us." harry asked. " i guess if its okay with you guys i'll just sleep here on the couch" "oh no your not i'm sleeping on the couch you go sleep in my bed." "but harry its your bed" "fine if you are going to be all picky with it ill sleep with you" then he winked at her. she gave him a worried face "i'm kidding just go to bed you look tired" "uh fine goodnight guys!" and with that she left. Harry turned to me " so are you going to bed or what" "i think i'll sleep here Victoria looks really comfy i don't want to wake her" "whatever you say mate i'm going to bed". Then with that note i fell asleep with a smile on my face and Victoria in my dreams.

A/N: hey sorry it took so long to write this i had to go to his school thing and my computer was acting all fugded up so yeah. i promise i will write more chapter tomorrow. thank you to all the people who are reading falling for you.


plus you can go check out my friends book 'WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN'

anyways goodnight

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