Summer Love

Two best friends go to England and who do they see... One Direction. Do they fall in love? what happens with all the drama? what will happen when the summer is over and they have to go back to Canada? you will have to read to find out.


28. An Old Friend

Michael P.O.V.

I was shopping for groceries and i bumped into someone when i looked up i saw Victoria "Victoria?". then she saw me "hi Michael . If you are wondering who i am well i went to the same elementary school as Victoria and i knew that she use to have a crush on me. I looked at her and i wasn't going to lie she looked hot but i heard that she was dating that guy from one direction Niall i think it was but i was thinking why is she back in Canada.

"hey i thought you lived in London?" i asked her.

"is someone stalking me, like that is totally creepy" she said in a girly voice. i just laughed

"well when your dating a celebrity word gets around" i told her

"correction used to be dating a celebrity" I looked at her with a confused face. She looked like it didn't hurt her but i could tell it still did. I dropped it. "Hey i better go get finishing my groceries  she told me. "yeah me too hey can i have your number?" She handed me her phone and i put my number as well did she. "I'll see you later" "yeah"

Victoria P.O.V.

I use to have the biggest crush on Michael but he was kind of an asshole but i guess he got nicer. I finished shopping and i went back home and i starting making chicken wings. Then i heard my phone beep and i saw it was a text message

Michael: Hey what you doing?

Me: nothing just eating chicken wings what about you?

Michael: haha i still see you love chicken wings and nothing

Me: haha yep wanna come over we can hang 

Michael: sure be over in like 10 mins 

Me: k see you soon

Like he said 10 minutes later i heard a knock on the door and i opened it. "hi Victoria" "heyys"

"what do you want to do?" i asked him

"let's just catch up from what happened from the past years" he told me

"Well what happened between us?" i asked him

"what are you talking about?" he asked me 

"well we were friends in like 5th grade and then you stopped talking to me?" i told him

"Yeah i'm sorry now that i think about it i seemed like an asshole i didn't mean to it's just that i guess i wanted to be popular and me hanging out with you didn't help but i was totally wrong" I just looked at him. 

"you know when i found out you liked me i was happy" He told me "well if you were so happy how come you didn't talk to me at all?" 

"I don't know what came over me but i was stupid" i just nodded my head wanna watch a movie sure me and Michael just hang out all the time. 

*A week later* 

Me and Michael were talking ans we were like best friends now. I was also talking to my other friends Jada and Rosemita. I only talked to Jully like once this week i guess they forgot about me. Oh well my life was good here in Canada i was having fun. Michael told me he was going to come over but he told me that we was coming over in 20 minutes but 5 minutes later i heard a knock on the door. I thought it was going to be Michael right. WRONG!

I opened the door and i was shocked with who i saw "what are you doing here Niall..."

"we need to talk"

Niall P.O.V.

It was a week since Victoria left and i couldn't take it anymore she wasn't answering any of my text or phone calls and i missed her so bad. Jully was the only one who talked to Victoria and she told us that she was hanging out with her old school crush Michael i was mad that another guy was there with my Victoria i truly loved her and i didn't mean to kiss Carlie that night i was drunk. I talked with Liam and we worked it out. I needed Victoria in my life so i asked Jully where Victoria lived and she told me. The next thing i knew i was on a plane to Canada i needed to make things right with Victoria. Oh gosh it was a long flight. I got a ride to Victoria and i knocked on her door. When she answered the door he smiled instantly dropped "what are you doing here Niall" "we need to talk" i told her. "no we don't" she told me. I walked into her house and i looked around and it was a nice house i sat on her couch. She looked at me "ok your here what do you want to talk about?" she asked in a pissed off voice.

"US" i told her

"what us? you made out with Carlie and i was heart broken and i got over it" she told me like she never cared for me

"Victoria please don't do this i love you and i never meant to hurt you and when Liam yelled at me and told me that you got raped i felt terrible and when i came home that night i rushed to the airport to see if you were there but i was too late. this whole week i was thinking about you but you weren't answering any of my text or calls and Jully told me to just let you cool off for a bit but i couldn't knowing that i didn't have my beautiful girlfriend with me killed me i came here to win you back Victoria i love you" i told her praying that Victoria will forgive me.

"i'm sorry i don't think it was meant to be Niall" i was sad and then i looked at her hand and i smiled. "What? i just told you no why are you so happy" she told me.

"you still have the promise ring on and remember our promise no matter what happens we will always be together because we both love each other very much. Please Victoria just give me the chance i went on my knees and i was begging her at this point." She looked at her hand "i guess i could give you another chance" I jumped up instantly and kissed her. When we heard a knock on the door. "Hold on Niall" i just nodded and sat back down on the couch and i couldn't get the smile off my face. Some boy walked into the room. He looked at me and said "Victoria why is he here?". He said all mad "i'm here because i wanted to see my beautiful girlfriend" 

Michael P.O.V.

I think i started to develop feelings for Victoria the way i hanged out with her she as just so cute. When i saw Niall i was pissed off she told me everything that happened and i got pissed off he didn't deserve Victoria she was too good for him. "Victoria why is he here?" i asked Victoria. "i'm here because i wanted to see my beautiful girlfriend" he told me. i got pissed off "don't you mean her ex-boyfriend?" "no".

"i love Victoria" i said. Victoria looked like she was shocked at me. "I think that it is time for you to leave?" Niall told me. "How about you go back to Ireland you fucking leprechaun" I took a step closer to Niall "fuck off Victoria is my girlfriend  i was pissed off i was ready to punch Niall and I went to do so, but Victoria jumped in the middle "Hey you guys st-" The next thing i know she was on the ground with a bloody nose. I quickly jumped to the ground "OMG are you ok Victoria?" She got up and it looked like Niall wanted to kill me. Victoria pushed him back. "it's fine i'm ok," she turned around and looked at me "Michael i think its time for you to go" "but-" "GO!" she said pointing at the door. I walked slowly and when i was about to say sorry the door slammed in my face. i heard someone yell "your lucky we didn't call the cops." I was walking and i was really sad and then i saw this really hot girl. "Hey what your name?" i asked her. "my name is Katie" "i'm Michael" 

Victoria P.O.V.

I can't believe this all happened mt nose still really hurt. Niall went and kissed it "ow that fucking hurt"

"oh my sorry i didn't know it still hurt i thought you said you were okay" Niall said really scared.

"i said that so he would leave, what do you think a 18 year old guy punched me in the face with full force and it wouldn't hurt?" i said all sarcastically

"sorry babe we should go get your nose checked." he told me.


They told me i had a broken nose. "Victoria please come back to England with me everybody misses you" I nodded my head. I went up stairs and packed

*Back in England*

We walked to the door and i knocked. Louis answered the door "VICTORIA! DON'T YOU EVER LEAVE AGAIN DO YOU HEAR ME I MISSED YOU SO MUCH AND SO DID EVERYBODY ELSE! and i also guess that you and Niall made up right" He gave me a big hug and he shushed my nose.

"OW MOTHER FUCKER THAT HURTS GET OFF ME OWWW FUCK!" i yelled it was so painful.

"OMG did i do something what happened?" Louis asked me all worried

"can i get inside the door so i can tell all of you?" He nodded and let me and Niall in.

I saw everybody and they were about to give me and group hug when Niall jumped in front of me "DON'T HUG HER!" He yelled at them.

"aww that's no fair the Nialler gets you all to himself but i want a hug." Harry said all flirty with me. I rolled my eyes.

"If you guys sit down i will tell you why you can't hug me and why i want to punch Louis right now for hugging me" Louis looked at me and put his hands up in surrender. I told them everything that happened with Michael to the last bit oh how my nose is broken. Jully looked at me "i always knew Michael was an asshole."

Harry looked at her "you knew Michael?"

"yeah he went to the same school as us." They all just nodded there head and Louis looked at me "sorry i didn't know that your nose was broken" "it's ok my chicken wing"

Niall looked at us "ok i'm pretty sure everybody wants to know this know why do you call him your chicken wing?"

"well it was the first day and Louis wanted to be my best friend so he insisted on calling me his carrot buddy even though i don't even like Carrots and i told him that and he said well i like carrots and i like you so you shall be my carrot buddy. well i like chicken wings so you guys put it together." Everybody just nodded there head we were like one big happy and dysfunctional family again.

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