Finding you!

Hello loves :) this is a strory about a 12 year old girl who grew up in Kansas, but then her dad got stationed in London,England! So all of a sudden when she is unpacking there is a knock at the front door……...... Who will it be!? Read to find out!! ;)


4. What a night!!

Emily P.O.V~

So we all just sat in the living room in silence for about 5 minutes till a knock at the door broke the silence. My dad went to open the door and look who it was……" hey Louis " said Harry I jumped up real quik and was freaking out inside!! I live Louis he is my absolute favorite!! I have all of his posters around my room, or well used to in Japan. "Hey Harry, who are these wonderfull people?" He said in a funny tone, "well this here is Emily", pulling me closer to him for a hug," and this is my aunt Linda and uncle Derek!" He finished off by saying how excited he was for finally getting to meet us, and that we will keep In touch. So after that he left with Louis and it was about 4:00 p.m and we were starving!! So we went to this place called "Nandos" and whe we got there you could only imagine who I saw! I look up and I see Harry and the rest of the boys eating and talking, Harry and Louis saw me and ran over and hugged me. And I hugged them back of course, who wouldn't hug them back!? And Harry had introduced us to the rest of the boys! What a blast I already made some new friends!! I was so excited and we were meeting them again tomorrow too! Well we went home and I layed down on my bed and crashed! I had an amazing dream!

A/N hey guys please leave your opinions and stuff on the comments :) and srry about the chapters being so short!
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