Finding you!

Hello loves :) this is a strory about a 12 year old girl who grew up in Kansas, but then her dad got stationed in London,England! So all of a sudden when she is unpacking there is a knock at the front door……...... Who will it be!? Read to find out!! ;)


2. The move

Emily's P.O.V
Ok so we finally landed at the airport and we are so tired!!! Ugh I hated jet-lag!! It ways takes me 1 week to recover. I was unpacking in my room when all of a sudden there was a knock at the front door. Who could that be!? We had no friends here!? I was so anxious to find our who it was! So I went down stairs to see a tall young man with curls. I couldn't quite see his face but he all of a sudden asked for me….…? I just stood there wondering who it could be then all of a sudden he steps into our house, and I quikly recognize his face! IT WAS HARRY STYLES!! Wait he was asking for me?? But why!

So I said " yes may I help you?" He said " yes are you Emily Welker?" Yes I am why?" Trying not to freak out!! He finally said " well I am your cousin!"

Did he really just at that………?
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