Finding you!

Hello loves :) this is a strory about a 12 year old girl who grew up in Kansas, but then her dad got stationed in London,England! So all of a sudden when she is unpacking there is a knock at the front door……...... Who will it be!? Read to find out!! ;)


6. School!

Emily's P.O.V

So after I told her my dad was in the military she said " oh well then………" So all of a sudden she said " HEYY! Look so familiar!" I was hoping she wouldn't find out cause I don't want to be smashed by paparazzi! "Ummmm.......from where?" I said breaking the silence " I've seen u in a magazine with....... Oh that's right, Harry Styles!" My face turned red and I was freaking out on the inside, " ummmmm...... Are u sure it was me?" I asked " cause so many people can look like me too ya know." " well it really looks like you but ok, we'll my name is Cheylynne!" She said " hi my name is Emily!"

Cheylynnes P.O.V

"Hi my name is Emily!" She said I really likes that name I thought it was pretty! But she seems really nice I wonder if she is actually hanging out with Harry styles and the rest of 1D!? All of a sudden I heard her say " so u wanna be friends?" She asked " SURE!!" I said. Excited about having a new friend! I don't have many friends and it really sucked!!
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