Finding you!

Hello loves :) this is a strory about a 12 year old girl who grew up in Kansas, but then her dad got stationed in London,England! So all of a sudden when she is unpacking there is a knock at the front door……...... Who will it be!? Read to find out!! ;)


9. Michael..........

Emily's P.O.V

So I went down stairs to answer the door and there stands Harry and another boy, who kinda looked like Louis? Hmmm, who could that be? " hey Harry! Come on in" I said " umm well Emily this is Michael" Harry said ," oh well hey Michael" I said " hey Emily, I like your name!" Michael said, "aww Thanx I get that a lot." " your welcome." Michael said.

Michaels P.O.V

She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, with her blue eyes shining in the light and her shoulder length brown hair and her soft skin, she was beautiful! Harry said I would like her, and he sure was right! Harry had told us to go up stairs and get to know each other better, so we did.

Hey guys sorry for all the short chapters you know I have a lot of homework! So I apologize for the short chapters and Thanx for reading :)
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