Finding you!

Hello loves :) this is a strory about a 12 year old girl who grew up in Kansas, but then her dad got stationed in London,England! So all of a sudden when she is unpacking there is a knock at the front door……...... Who will it be!? Read to find out!! ;)


10. Don't leave!

Emily's P.O.V

So me and Michael have been hanging out alot and so have me and Cheylynne. And I found out that Michael goes to my school so I have 2 really good friends! And Harry said he has something to tell me and he doesn't really want to tell me and I'm worried. Cause he's only been coming over like 2 times a week! But he says he's busy so I understand. So me knowing he was coming over I started to tidy up the house so it didn't look like we don't know how to clean. Finally a knock at the door I run to the door and answer it and see Harry looking really sad. I wonder why? I kept thinking to my self. " I have to talk to you and I don't think your going to like it love." He said really sad he started tearing up. " What Harry TELL ME!" I demanded and he said " well, I have to go on tour for about a year, then we have to move to Australia." He said almost crying. " WAIT WHAT WHY!? " I asked " because we have fans and management says that we will have more space and less problems in Australia." He said now crying " but Harry I will miss you soo much! You can leave like this !" I said yelling and crying at the same time. " I have to love I just have to!" He said hugging me tight now, " why!?" I said while sobbing in his chest. " I don't know baby girl!" He said back to me.

Harry's P.O.V

I told her the bad news and I hated seeing her cry ad sobbing I my chest. I didn't want to leave but management is making us leave, and Simon says we will be more focused on our careers there. I tried not to cry but I just had too, I hate when I cry then she just starts crying and she's like my little sister that I never had I only had and older sister! "WHY DO U HAVE TO LEAVE!?" She yelled past all of the sobbing into my chest. " I have to baby girl I just have to!" I said back while crying with her.

Hey guys sorry for the short chapters I'm trying to do long ones but I have alot of school work so please forgive me :) well enjoy the rest of the book!! :) <3
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