You are My Heaven

I never thought I would fall in love.But I thought that before I met Harry Styles.We fell in love since the start.Growing up I had no friends.I didn't have a family.I lived on a street.After working fairly hard,I made enough money to see One Direction in concert and get an autograph.I was really happy.Harry completed my life.Yet to know I would move in with him.Will he be mine for forever?


1. The Concert

I lived on a street.I walked at a fast-food place.I have just made enough money to finally see and meet One Direction.My favorite was Harry.All ever thought about was him.I loved his entice green eyes.They shimmered in the light.Next week was the concert.

The following week.....

Well I just heard the boys sing.They sounded beautiful.I was in line for the autographing.Harry was starring at me.The girl seen him starring at me.She pushed me,kicked me,and threw me out of line.I went running behind a wall.I sat down.I cried into my knees.I heard someone run up behind me.I was afraid it was that girl."Please don't hurt me."I said without looking up."I won't."the person said.It was a cute British accent.I think it was Harry.I looked up from my knees.And it was Harry."Are you ok?"Harry asked."Not really."I replied."Come with me.I will clean your wounds up." "Alright." Harry held hand out to me.He helped me up.The security guard looked at me.Harry gave him a look that said move out of my way fool.Harry walked me backstage.The other boys were backstage.They did not ask a question.Probably because they seen what the girl did.Harry got a wet cloth and cleaned my cuts.After that we talked."So where do you live?"Harry asked.I had a few tears roll down my face."On a street."I replied.Harry's face looked shocked."Where is your family?" "My parents died,but they hated me.My family hated me so they wouldn't take me in." "You can come stay with me." "I can?" "I am not letting you live on a crappy  street." "Thanks Harry." "Your most welcome." "We talked for a little more until the security guard sain we could leave.

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