You are My Heaven

I never thought I would fall in love.But I thought that before I met Harry Styles.We fell in love since the start.Growing up I had no friends.I didn't have a family.I lived on a street.After working fairly hard,I made enough money to see One Direction in concert and get an autograph.I was really happy.Harry completed my life.Yet to know I would move in with him.Will he be mine for forever?


4. Starting a Life With Harry

For the rest of the night,I was next to Harry.I guess he enjoyed my being there.Liam and Zayn showed up at the house.When night fell dark,I decided to lay on the couch for the first night.It seemed like I was asleep for like forever.But I am used to feeling that way though.I heard something pound on the door.At first I never thought anything of it.Put when the next five thuds came,I woke up.It sounded like someone was trying to break in.I jerked up.I ran into Harry's room.He woke up."Harry!"I yelled."What's wrong love?"Harry asked."Someone is trying to brake in."  "Stay in here why I go check." But it was to late.The person got in the house.They had a gun.All I heard was a boom.Then everything went black.I felt Harry pick me up."Kaileigh can you hear me?!"Harry yelled."Harry it wont help if you yell."Liam said."Shut up Liam.I want her to respond to me.I cant lose her." "Ok Harry don't be rude." "Liam he is concerned about his girlfriend."Zayn said.I opened my eyes.Harry held me close.An ambulance came.I was sent to the hospital.I went into coma.I guess I was out for a week.When I did wake up,I seen Harry sobbing next to me."Harry.."I said."Kaileigh!"Harry yelled.He hugged me.Harry kissed my cheek over and over again."I'm fine Harry."I said."I was just scared for you."Harry said."Where was I shot?" "In your leg." "Harry how long was I out?" "About 3 days." I hugged Harry.He again kissed my cheek."I was so scared."Harry said."Why?" "Because you you were asleep for for 3 days.And you lost a lot of blood." "Thanks for caring about me." "Your welcome.I love you now.I have to protect you." "I love you too Harry."

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