You are My Heaven

I never thought I would fall in love.But I thought that before I met Harry Styles.We fell in love since the start.Growing up I had no friends.I didn't have a family.I lived on a street.After working fairly hard,I made enough money to see One Direction in concert and get an autograph.I was really happy.Harry completed my life.Yet to know I would move in with him.Will he be mine for forever?


3. Harry's Charm

Harry sat next to me on the couch.He sat his hand on my knee.I put my hand on top of his.Louis went out with Eleanor.Liam and Zayn went to the recording studio.And Niall was going to Ireland for the week.That just left me and Harry.I sat there in silence.I guess Harry wanted a moment of silence.All I wanted more was to stay right there with Harry.I yawned."Are you tired love?"Harry asked."Yea."I replied."Do you want to go lay down in my bed?" "Sure." "Follow me." Harry and I stood up.He walked me down a hallway.I have to say,Harry did have a fairly large bedroom."Here.If you need anything,just call for me."Harry said."Thanks."I  said.I hugged him.I layed down.I was asleep for about an hour.I walked back into the living room.I felt dirty."Harry do you mind if I take a shower."I asked."Sure.I don't mind.I will give you a spare pair of my shirt and sweatpants."Harry said.Before I got in the shower,he gave me the items of clothing.I finally could take a shower.When I got out,Harry was sitting on his bed facing the window.I sat next to him.He looked at me and smiled."You the northern star."Harry said."Yea."I said."It reminds me about you eyes.The way they light up." "You like my eyes?" "Well I like everything about you.I know we just met today,but I really like you." "You do?" "Yes.Kaileigh,would you be my girlfriend?" "Yes Harry." I hugged him.Harry sighed.He wrapped his arms around me.I felt a bit of comfort by him.I think that it's love.

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