You are My Heaven

I never thought I would fall in love.But I thought that before I met Harry Styles.We fell in love since the start.Growing up I had no friends.I didn't have a family.I lived on a street.After working fairly hard,I made enough money to see One Direction in concert and get an autograph.I was really happy.Harry completed my life.Yet to know I would move in with him.Will he be mine for forever?


2. Harry's and the Boy's House

I was in the tour bus with Harry.I sat next to Harry.I was a little nervous.I fell asleep.I layed my head on the window.I had  a nightmare.It sort of freaked me out.I woke up.I looked at Harry.Harry looked at me and smiled."I never did get your name."Harry said."My name is Kaileigh."I said."That's a very pretty name." "Thanks." "Your welcome." I smiled for  once.It has been a long time since I have smiled.Harry put his arm around me.I had one tear of joy run down my cheek.I could actually say a tear of joy.After about 20 minutes later,we were at the boy's house.Nice and huge.I walked by Harry into the house.I sat down on a couch.Harry looked at me.I had a little bit of sadness."Why do you look so down love?"Harry asked."I just thought about my family.Hatred.Yelling.Screaming.Hurtful words.I was told I was just an ugly mistake."I replied."Well I don't think you are ugly.I think you are very pretty." "You think I am pretty?" "Yep." "No one thought I was pretty though.Yet really no one cared." "Well they lied to you miss Kaileigh." "You are so sweet." "I try to be." I brightened up.

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