My Summer With One Direction

Jess a normal 18year old girl finds herself falling for a member of one direction the
Hot new British boy band. While she likes one of then three of them like her! What will happen? Will she stay with the love of her Life or will she sacrifice her feelings
For the sake of the band? Read to find out!
( btw my first fanfic hope you enjoy )


4. The Dates

Jess's pov Suddenly I hear three beeps. I think to myself I didn't turn on the alarm did I? I look at the click and that's not it Then I look at my phone 3 new text first from Harry then Niall and then Lou. All of them are asking me out. Ok then? That's kinda weird. But ok so tonight I have a date with Hazza tomorrow with Lou  and after that with Niall. Honestly my favorite date was with Niall we went to see a horror movie and for most of it my head was tuck in Niall's chest. I don't know why but I felt safe with him. When I got home I see Sarah and she was all smiley. "What's wrong with you" I asked. " Zayn just asked me out! And what are YOU so happy about?" " I think I like Niall. The next day at about 7:05 the bell rings I answer it and see Niall "what are you doing here?" I asked " our date?" " omg I am so so sorry. I completely forgot gemme like 10 mins Niall's pov Wow she forgot. She probably doesn't care for me. I should just stop trying. We went to see finding nemo in 3d it was awesome. We are outside now when Jess asks " what's wrong?" " it's just that I like you a lot and you don't like me." " are you kidding me? I like you too!" With that being said I lean in and kiss him on the cheek. - - A/N hey so you guys like it so far?

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