My Summer With One Direction

Jess a normal 18year old girl finds herself falling for a member of one direction the
Hot new British boy band. While she likes one of then three of them like her! What will happen? Will she stay with the love of her Life or will she sacrifice her feelings
For the sake of the band? Read to find out!
( btw my first fanfic hope you enjoy )


5. My princess

Niall's P.O.V

I had SO much fun yesterday! We enjoyed the movie, went on a walk down the beach, and I found out that she likes me back! :) Today was awesome. She's my little princess. I just hope everything is going to be cool between me, Harry, and Lou. I mean, we knew that she was going to chose one, but I don't know. I just hope that all of this won't affect the guys or band. I really don't

-- Later that day

Jess' P.O.V

 OMG!!! He likes me back! I was so surprised! I have to text sarah.

From: Jess<333: Hey Sarah!!! OMG. Niall likes me back!!! ermawgawd I am so happy!!!

From: SarahSweetie: Omg! Gurl I am so happy for you!!!

From: Jess<333: Thx, so how are things with Zayn?

From: SarahSweetie: Oh the date was really nice. We had a fun time.

From: Jess<333: Ok that's cool. One question. Why are we texting each other? I mean we ARE in the same house.

From: SarahSweetie: Lol. I don't really know. I guess we are just both really lazy to talk.

From: Jess<333: Lol, well you want to eat? I'm thinking Nandos.

From: SarahSweetie: Yeah see you downstairs in an hour?

From: Jess<333: Yeah see ya in an hour, bye.

Suddenly I hear a beep. Could it be sarah again? I mean whenever one of us says bye the other doesn't answer. Oh wait, the text is from Niall.

From: Nialler: Heyyy

I text him back.

From: Jess<333: Hey! what are you doing?

From: Nialler: Nothing why?

From: Jess<333: You want to come with me and Sarah to Nandos?

From: Nialler: Sure! Can Zayn come?

From Jess<333; Yeah sure! It can be a double date.

From:  Nialler: Ok tell when you guys are ready so I can pick you up

From: Jess<333: Ok, I will text you later <3

From:  Nialler: Ok bye <333

"Sarah?" I yelled. "Yeah? What is it Jess?"  " Niall and Zayn will we joining us at Nandos. It'll be like a double date. Are you ok with that?" "Uhh, yeah. Sure it'll fun" In about an hour we are ready, so I text Niall.

From: Jess<333: Ok we are ready :)

From: Nialler: Ok we will be there in 10.

From Jess<333; Ok we'll be waiting <3

From:  Nialler: <33

From Jess<333: <333 Ok bye we are waiting.



A/N Hello there my little turtles. I am so soryy that I haven't updated in such a long time. I have been SO very busy. Now that I am on break, I have free time, so I will try to update as often as possible. No promises though. I don't want you guys to be disappointed. I hope you like my movella so far :))) If you  have any suggestions on what I should write about, please tell me and I will kindly consider them. Because honestly when I am writing this, every word I write is off the top of my head ( I don't even know what the next chapter will be about) Well bye for now <333

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