My Summer With One Direction

Jess a normal 18year old girl finds herself falling for a member of one direction the
Hot new British boy band. While she likes one of then three of them like her! What will happen? Will she stay with the love of her Life or will she sacrifice her feelings
For the sake of the band? Read to find out!
( btw my first fanfic hope you enjoy )


1. Meeting Them

Jess' p.o.v. I wake up to the annoying beeps of my alarm clock. Just as I'm about to get out of bed Sarah (my BFF) barges in and yells "Wake up Jess!!" She leaves me in peace until I finally come out fully dressed in navy ripped skinny jeans, my fave Stella McCarteny shirt and beige leather flats. We get into the car and "What Makes You Beautiful" starts playing. I crank up the volume and start singing at the top of my lungs. We finally get to the café when Sarah realizes that she forget her phone at our flat. I let her drive my car. I thought About waiting for her before I order but I was just too hungry. As I get up a tray of food went all over me. "I'm so sorry. Are you ok?" "Yeah I guess". I look up and find the one and only HARRY STYLES!!! "You're Harry Styles!" "Yeah what's your name?" "Jessica but every one calls me Jess". He invited me to sit down with him and the rest of the band. "Jess this is Niall,Liam,Zayn, and Louis and boys this is Jess." Everyone said hi except for Louis he said "I LOVE CARROTS!!!" Finally when Sarah got there she went through the same phase as me. They insisted on driving us home but ended up coming over because of the paparazzi. I left the boys with Sarah. I went upstairs to take a shower. Then I came out dressed in my pj's. Just then did I realize that I never ate. So we ordered three large pizzas. The boys ended up staying over because the paparazzi wouldn't leave


A/N Hey my little turtles! So this is the first chapter! How do you guys like it?!?! Please leave your comments below and I do take suggestions and constructive criticism so just say what u think below bye for now!

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