My Summer With One Direction

Jess a normal 18year old girl finds herself falling for a member of one direction the
Hot new British boy band. While she likes one of then three of them like her! What will happen? Will she stay with the love of her Life or will she sacrifice her feelings
For the sake of the band? Read to find out!
( btw my first fanfic hope you enjoy )


2. Falling For Her

Harry's P.O.V. - - I wake up to the smell of French toast. I look up and see Jess " morning sunshine" she chirps " breakfast is ready!" Niall is the first to get up. We eat it up like animals. Finally there's one piece left and we are all fighting over it. I snatch it and before anyone could say anything I gave it to Jess. She is so pretty. Plus she is a great person. I know that I've only known her for a day but the way that she took us in like we were old friends. I look outside the window and most of the paparazzi is gone. Before we left I come up to Jess and ask " would you like to go to dinner with me and the rest if the guys?" " I'd love to text me when to come" with that we exchanged numbers. And we left. Jess' pov OMG. I am going to go to dinner with one direction! I told Sarah the news and the first thing she said was " Is Zayn gonna be there?" " ooh Zayn! You like him don't ya?" " So what if I do?" " nothin" Harry texted me that he would pick us up at 8:00. So we decided to go shopping finally by 7:50 we were ready. I was wearing a purple strapless dres with rune stone and my black pumps. And Sarah was wearing a black one shoulder dress with red stilettos . Suddenly I hear the bell ring I open it and see Niall "wow" Niall's pov "Wow" "thanks your pretty wow yourself" she looked gorgeous. We finally got to the restaurant Chinar wow this place is huge. Jess's pov Me and Sarah decided to go dancing. And out of the corner of my eye I see Louis Liam and Harry staring Am I that lovable? ;) Then all of a sudden I fell. Niall, Louis and Harry came rushin over. "Are you alright?" Asked Niall " yes I'm alive " so you sure your ok carrot princess?" " yeah and wait carrot princess?" " yeah that's my nickname for you and I am the carrot prince!" " ok then" I said Louis's pov "Ok then" she said OMG. Does she think that I like her? Well I do and I know that Niall and Harry do to. I wonder who SHE likes. I hope it's me but if its not at least I know that she will be happy. We will still be friends. Right? A/N so my little turtles (my nickname for you guys) what do you think so far? Andway I'm gonna try to upload everyday but I have tons of hw and my preparation for the shsats so yeah oh and btw I'm in 8th grade so yeah. Well leave your suggestions in the comments and I might use them and didn't get mad if I don't. And as I said before feel free to leave constructive critism. No hate though. Bye for now!

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