Bravery- One shot!

This one shot is based on Louis Tomlinson's tweet about Larry Stylinson. You're going to have to read it to find out what happens!:)


1. One-Shot

Harry dropped his phone on the hard wood floor letting the screen shatter into tiny littles specks. The phone lay there with a recent 
tweet showing on the screen. 

"@skyleridk: how's this , Larry is the biggest load of bullshit i've ever heard. I'm happy why can't you accept that." 

With his eyes filling with tears and his hands forming into fists, he took a shaky deep breath and forced his eyes shut. He backed up against the wall, his back making a harsh thud. He slid down the wall, pulled his knees in close to his chest and barryed his face in his arms with silent tears escaping his eyes. He remained that way for at least an hour.

He heard the front door to his flat swing open and slam shut. Foot steps were making their way around the living room and car keys were clanking together. 

"Harry, I'm home!" Louis yelled up the stairs. There was no reply. 

Louis made his way up to the room him and Harry shared. He quickly scanned it for a curly haired boy. When he didn't see one he checked the guest room, bathroom and laundry room. He sighed and made his way back down stairs. He froze in the middle of the living room when he heard something coming from the kitchen.

"Aha! You're horrible at hiding, Haz!" He yelled pushing open the kitchen door. His smiling quickly faded when he saw Harry curled up into a ball on the floor and his phone smashed on the other side of the kitchen. 

He sat down next to Harry and place an arm around his shoulder. "Harry-" 

"Get off me!" Harry choked. His head still hiding in his arms.

"Harry! What has gotten into you?!" Louis asked. He's never seen Harry like this. Ever.

Harry sniffled his nose and shook his head. 

"Harry what is this bullshit? Look at me." Louis asked, now getting irritated.

"This's not the only thing around here that's bullshit, now is it?!" Harry yelled, lifting his head and revealing his swollen, water eyes and slightly red face.

"Harry, oh my god. I'm so sor-" Louis looked over at the shattered phone and back over at the broken boy infront of him.

"No, Lou! Our relationship is 'bullshit'. I don't need your apology." Harry hissed. 

"Harold. Listen to me right now!" Louis spit out, now yelling.

"What we have is either real or its not. Your decision, Lou. I'm sick of fucking faking every second of the day that were just best mates. No. I can't do this." Harry said more calm than before. 

Louis' phone vibrated in his pocket and he took his out. The screen read "Incoming call: Eleanor" 

"Shit." Louis sighed.

"Answer it. Fuck this." Harry scolded, leaving the kitchen and running up to their room.

"Shit!" Louis yelled throwing his phone onto the table and chasing after Harry.

He opened the door and looked over at harry. He was laying in a ball on the bed, loud sobs escaping his mouth. Louis rushed to him. He placed his hand on Harry's back, rubbing back and forth, trying to
comfort the boy.

"Go. Away. Lou." Harry hiccuped between each word. 

"Harry, please." Louis sighed, sitting down next to Harry. "I'm sick of hiding too."

Harry looked up at Louis and half smiled. -if it could even be called a smile.- 

"It just fucking sucks, Y'know? You always being with Eleanor, me being a 'man-whore'. It just isn't right Lou, it isnt." Louis' heart dropped at those words. He never realized how often he was with Eleanor or how often Harry was seen with a new girl. He too in a deep breath.

"I know, haz. I know." He sighed knowing the next thing he was going to say was a long shot, but it had to come out. "Y'know the ITunes Festival in a few days?" Harry nodded. "After More Than This, look at me. I'll look at you, rub my shoulder and say 'I love you, Haz.' thats the signal." 

"Signal? What're you talking about, Lou?" Harry asked a bit confused.

Louis chucked. "That's the signal for you to come over to me and hug me. When we seperate our hug, I'll kiss you. We'll be out." 

Harrys eyes widened and his mouth dropped. He couldn't believe it. In three days, all the drama and stress of hiding would be gone. He'd be free. 

"Okay." Harry smiled, offering a hug to his boyfriend who quickly accepted.


The ITunes festival didn't have a huge crowd per say- but it was enough. Louis and Harry flirted on stage quite often, earning screams and whistles from the crowd.

During Harry's  solo in WMYB, Louis went over to him and squeezed his hand.

During One Thing, Harry would point to Louis everytime the words "You've got that one thing" were sang. 

During their cover of Use Somebody, they stood with their arms around eachother for most of the song.

Liam yelled at them at their halfway break. He told them they were being too obvious. "Oh Liam, you little cockblock." Harry would joke.

They let in a couple more flirts while Liam wasn't looking. They looked over at Niall everytime, too. They knew how much he loved "Larry Stylinson". He was literally grinning the whole concert.

And then the beat started to the song. The song that would soon be over. The song that would soon lead to a happy ending. Harry and Louis didn't flirt through this song, however. They kept their distance, to which Niall didn't quite understand.

"Cause I can love you 
More than,
this..." The song was over. Harry's palms were getting sweaty and his heart was beating faster than ever. He smiled the biggest smile he'd smiled since they got invited to sing at the Olympics. 

He looked out at the crowd and took a deep breath. He turned his head to face Louis and his smile quickly disappeared. Louis was looking at his feet shaking his head. The only words coming from his mouth were

"We can't."

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