Who to Choose

Nicole simms is an averge girl with a terrible life. Her dad died when she was two and her mom died when she was 7 and she was left with her abusive step dad. What will happen when Nicole meats two boys. Who will she choose. find out by reading.


7. Truth or Dare

     Nicoles P.O.V.

       I decided to stay after the boys begging. We were talking and fooling around when Louis screamed 'Truth or Dare'. Niall went and got an empty bottle from the kicthen while we all sat down in a circle.Louis spend the bottle and it landed on Niall. He had a smirk on his face. "Niall truth or dare" "dare" louis' smirk got wider. "i dare you to run around the neighborhood naked and scream 'I'm sexy and i know it'. Niall got up and started stripping then he went out the door and started running screaming 'I'm sexy and i know it'. we all followed him out the door and started laughing.


  The game kept going and it hadn't landed on me once. Harry spu  the bottle and it landed on me.


 Sorry it's short before i wrote this i had writers block. And i notice i've been writing alot of these notes so sorry and i hope you enjoy the new chapter.


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