Who to Choose

Nicole simms is an averge girl with a terrible life. Her dad died when she was two and her mom died when she was 7 and she was left with her abusive step dad. What will happen when Nicole meats two boys. Who will she choose. find out by reading.


8. The Dare

  Nicoles P.O.V.

     "I dare you to make out with...", Harry looked around the room then stopped on Louis and smiled. "Louis". I looked over to Louis who started blushing. Really I don't even know this dude and he starts blushing because i have to make out with him. I go over to and sit by him. We start to lean closer then our lips meet. He licks my bottom lip asking for an entrance a allow it. Chills go up my spine when he his hand touches my back. Soon i pull away from him and run to his room.

  Louis P.O.V.

 When i saw she had to make out with me i couldn't help but blush. She then came over and sat by me. We leaned in close to each other then our lips meet. I licked her bottom lip asking for an entrance and she allowed it. I put my hand on my back and felt her shiver a little. She then pulled away and ran to my room. The boys just looked at me and i just shrugged.

  Nicoles P.O.V.

 I embrassed to go back down therfe and explain why I ran up here. But with the kiss I felt sparks run through my body. I just layed down on the bed and instally fell asleep.




 Ok sorry about not updating and giving you a really crappy chapter well to me it is. I've been busy and trying to find time. I will hopefully will post two or three more chapters today. Of course its Halloween and I might not get three chapters up and if i do I might end up writing another chapter after that one. I've been really upset that i couldn't write and i keep writing these notes. So yeah!


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