Who to Choose

Nicole simms is an averge girl with a terrible life. Her dad died when she was two and her mom died when she was 7 and she was left with her abusive step dad. What will happen when Nicole meats two boys. Who will she choose. find out by reading.


6. Authors Note

              Hi there little Mangos

 Sorry to say but i will be updating on wednesday. I know i promised today but i lost track of time and now i can't. I might be able tomorow but i have to see what happens. And if its not updated again on wednesday you can come at me with pitchforks. And in the first chapter I said that Nicole had a friend name Autumn. Well she will be coming in the story soon maybe after the next four chapters or the next three. please comment and please do not do mean comments.


                         Goodbye little Mangos!!!

 And yes I have a weird addiction of Mangos I don't Know why and i have never taste them.

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