love at first text<3 (justin bieber fan fiction)

Tana is texting this number a guy gave her threw instant email.who could it be? Will they ever meet?


7. why why why!?!?!?!?!?

"hello?"i questioned looking for my mother.there was no answer she must have been at work.i ran up to my room as my phone vibrated in my back pocket of blue jeaned short-shorts.i pulled it out of my pocket and seen the text:

to:tana<3  from:justin<3

hey whats ur schedual?

why would he want to know that?.......


it took tana a while to type befor she answered

tana<3 is typing....

i wanted to know her schedual because i was gonna start going to her university so i can spend more time with her.i honestly dont know why i lied to her earlier.i think its just i wanted to suprise her.i think she would like that.honestly i had a crush on her the first time i met her at church.i didnt really meet her i just seen her.i was attending regularly since then.i walked out of my house and made it to the school without anyone noticing me.but as soon as  i hit the office of the school girls started swarming me."hi i would like to register."i said walking into the office.the lady looked up and saw all the girls.she helped me out by shouting at them"GET BACK TO YOUR ROOMS BEFOR I TAKE AWAY ALL GIRL DORM ACTIVITIES!"she had calmed down a bit when she told me to sign papers and choose a dorm.right as i got to what i wanted my schedual to be she texted.

to:justin<3   from:tana<3

my schedual sorry i had to turn it into a document...

          tana hughes schedual

     1st period acting101  hill

     2nd period costuming  stery

     3rd period singing    vallery

     4th period  dance      singer

     5th period h&mm        dolly

     6th period song write  shandler

     7th period free         n/a

im moving into my dorm now i had to live with my mom till a girl dorm was avalible im moving in right this moment tonight i will live under my own roof.yay=)

maybe i can go see her while im waiting for my papers to scan.i think ill do that.i checked off everything that she had on her schedual.then i put my phone number on the paper and the dorm i wanted (dorm #6 my favorite number)then told her i was gonna start moving in.she handed me my keys and then i left to my car.


i took all of my stuff from my room exept the furniture and went to my dorm.i easily and swiftly moved fast so i could go help tana.girls tend to have more stuff than us guys.i texted her as i was going down the halls.


hey mind if i come help u out?im already moved into my dorm.

i waited for her to text back when i thought,would she think i was a kreep all of a sudden going to her university?,i decided that she probably wouldnt

tana<3 is typing......

i smiled at the thought of her being in the same school.ive seen so many of my fans but none were like this girl.i looked down at my phone after it went 'plink' it was her i smiled then read

to:justin<3 from:tana<3

okay =) wait is this the "popstar"stuff u had to do sign up for toronto uni.?to spend time with me?thats so sweet im in girls dorm room number 273.see u soon <3

i put my phone in my pocket and ran up the girls dorm stairs.she was the first door to the left.makes it even easier for me to see her!that made my heart pound.i knocked on her door as easily as i could but i made to were she could still hear my knock.i heard her running twards the door."hello?"



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