love at first text<3 (justin bieber fan fiction)

Tana is texting this number a guy gave her threw instant email.who could it be? Will they ever meet?


8. spending the night


"hello?"i asked whiping open the door of my new dorm.i was hoping it would be was!"hey shawty"

he said as i opened up the door.i let him was a cold night.colder than usual."so i see you got everything put together nicely."justin said like a sweetheart."yea thanks."i said makeing no other sound."and then he said "yea thats what i had to do earlier"as he ploped on my couch.i ran to the little mini fridge and grabbed ou ttwo colas and some chips from the cabnet i handed him a cola and some chips.he took them and thanked me."so why did u choose me to get to hang out with you?im not exactly the most popular girl here but i do have a ton of friends."i asked finally sitting down on the couch next to him.he reajusted himself then answered"well...i kind of thought you were cool."i blushed and thanked him for the compliment.i grabbed the remote and asked him what his favorite movie was.he said "the notebook."i grabbed out my 'notebook'dvd and put it in the player.



i glanced at her for a moment as she sat down.she was gorgeouse in her sweats,tank-top,and wet scrunched up hair.once the movie started she turned off the lights then ran back on the couch.the movie light shimmered across her face.she looked like an angel.'the notebook' was my faveorite movie but i couldnt keep my eyes off of her."can i ask you a quick question?"i asked her.i was gonna ask her out.i had to i couldnt take it any longer.i loved her.she was funny,smart,tuff,cool,and pretty all at the same time.i loved that.she had beutiful brown hair,brown eyes and was short.all the things i looked for in a girl.she nodded still focused on the movie."will you go out with me?"

she paused the movie with excitement."YES YES YES one thousand times yes."wow she must have really liked me.but she settled down.i was so happy what even made me so nervous about asking her?

she cuddled up next to me and i put my arm around her.she pushed play on the movie.we both fell asleep probably at the same time.a couple hours later her alarm went off.she jumped up scaring the life out of me.

"whose taking the first shower?"she had asked i let her go first since it was her dorm.i watched her as she ran into her room,shut the door and left me in silence.i quickly grabbed her phone from her purse and went to the 'create a wallpaper'app that came with every iphone.i put a purple background then typed up the words 'i love you tana'in blue then set it as the background.hopefully she would think of it as thoughtful.

she walked out of her room 20 minutes later wearing a purple sleevless short dress,these cool sketcher/supras that had hidden wedge heels(i know this because my mom made me go shoe sopping with her last time i was in town).she had her hair currled and had makeup on.she was beutiful."do you dress up like that all the time?"i asked her smiling.if she did that would be cool.even if she said only sometimes."only when i feel like it."she said.i sat there smiling.she sat on the couch and i got ready for my first day at toronto university.

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