love at first text<3 (justin bieber fan fiction)

Tana is texting this number a guy gave her threw instant email.who could it be? Will they ever meet?


10. shot by another fan

on the drive there fans were chasing our car i couldnt see the road from over 3 miles back.the fans were angry.they were holding signs saying 'kill her justin it would make us happy' it made me cry."whats wrong juju?" she asked concerned but also worried for her own life."they should be happy that i am happy with you"i answered honestly.


we made it to the restrant but the cops were there trying to stop the mob of fans that had found out.they were yelling and shouting.some of them took a picture with justin nicely.thats all some of them wanted.some of them shot me dirty looks.all of a sudden just as we were about to make it to the doors....BANG...BANG.....BANG...!!!!


i broke down in tears.i bent down over her.all of my fans were suddenly ,ad at eachother.i would never be mad at my fans but i was kinda mad at whoever shot tana.why would this person do this?right after the shots were fired,cops surounded their cars so no one could get away they would be guilty if theytried to run.the cops told everyone to get into a line and they would get a patdown to find the guilty.i was still crying when they took her body away in a garbage bag.they patted down about 200 people (with more left)when they found the person with the hot they cuffed her and put her in the car i yelled in tears"WHY?!WHY DID YOU DO IT?!?!?!?!"the cop asked me to stop and she will be going to prison right away no trial because there is enough evidence.i was too depressed to eat but i did stand in front of the fans and beliebers that were there and told them i was not mad at them i was proud of them and they are the best.i drove back to our dorm room and wrote a song about how i was feeling. i just know i will never love again.actually i will be with her right ........i am pulling the gun out of the dresser(only used for emergancies).....i dont know what to do......i will be with her right about no-BANG!




                                                                           THANK U GUYS FOR READING SORRY FOR THE SAD ENDING.I WILL COME UP WITH A MORE FUN FILLED ONE LATER.

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