love at first text<3 (justin bieber fan fiction)

Tana is texting this number a guy gave her threw instant email.who could it be? Will they ever meet?


5. meeting justin

I grabbed out my phone once I got to the mall
me:hey were are u at?
Justin:food courtgrowling stomachs come eat with me at the Chinese restraunt .
I couldbt pass up that offer.I was starving
and I ran to the restaurant.
when I walked in I couldnt believe my eyes!JUSTIN BIEBER was at MY local mall!!!!!
I texted my Justin then waited for him to wave his hand.but all of a sudden I didn't see no one waving but Justin bieber .I wanted to run up to Justin bieber to take a picture with him but I was here for meeting Justin.the next thing I knew I was being yelled at "Tana!!!!!over here."
Justin bieber was yelling for me.I ran up to couldn't be him how could he know me?just then I remembered he came to our church one time.he must of asked the preacher who I was and got my email address.
"wait so ur justin?"I asked trying to stay calm at the fact jb knows me!
he looked at me puzzled then responded "duh I seen u in church a few weeks ago.want to be friends?
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