love at first text<3 (justin bieber fan fiction)

Tana is texting this number a guy gave her threw instant email.who could it be? Will they ever meet?


9. justins first day.


justin walked out of my room with spiked up hair and the same clothes he had on yesterday."you could go get some clothes from your dorm."i told him sweetly.i still couldnt believe justin drew bieber was my boyfriend!!! i mean come on how much cooler can my life get.but that thought was broken by justin answering "i changed befor i came here last night." i smiled an grabbed my purse."want to walk me to class?"i asked him.he smiled and nodded as we walked out the door.he took my hand in his and we walked in symphony.people were stareing at us.the men with discust and the women with jelousy.we walked down the actors hall and got to my first period."who do you have?"i asked him as we just stood took him a minute to find his schedual.he pulled it out and handed it to was the exact same schedual."you can sit by me but warning i do tend to talk durring class."i told him still holding his hand.i excorted him to the seat to the right of me.our class was not in a regular room it was in a we had to sit in theater seats.

6hours later.

we were walking back to my dorm when justin had stopped and asked if there was a way to have justin move in.i told him "lets go find out"we had walked to the office and found out he can if we are a couple so we ran out to move his things.we finished around dinner time.i was so hungry."want to get something to eat?"i asked as he finally sat down on the couch?"like what?"he answered."spagettie! italiano's cafe"i said starving.he jumped right faveorite food was spagettie and so was his.


she asked if we could go eat spagettie.she must have been reading my mind?i jumped up right away.she grabbed her car keys."im driving okay baby?"

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