love at first text<3 (justin bieber fan fiction)

Tana is texting this number a guy gave her threw instant email.who could it be? Will they ever meet?


1. instant email

I read as I lay on my bed with my laptop.I open says its from a anonymouse person.
It read : dear tanahala Hughes,
Here is a number u need to text asap 8063160235
That was I was quite curious of who sent I reached over my nightstand to the top of my dresser,and grabbed my phone.I typed in the number and said
I was a little scared.
Other:hey who is this?
How could they not know they are the one who sent this.
Me:tanahala who is this?
Ok I shouldn't have put my name out there but they had it in the email.
Other:o ok so u finally texted?
What does he mean finally?I looked down at my laptop and looked for the date it was sent.2WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!!I felt so bad.
Me:yea I'm sorry.what's ur name just to be curious.and do I know u?
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