love at first text<3 (justin bieber fan fiction)

Tana is texting this number a guy gave her threw instant email.who could it be? Will they ever meet?


4. home

my mom was waiting for me at the door."who is that annonymous email from young lady"she asked.i was worried why was she checking my emails.but i politely awnsered"i honestly dont know.but y were u on my email how did you even find the password?"she said she was cleaning my room and my laptop was left on the bed and when she opened it to dust it,my email was still there.she said she would let me off the hook this time.then i ran past her and went up to my room.i threw my bookpack next to my bed and ploped on my bed.i grabbed my phone out of my pocket then started texting justin again.


text: me:ok Justin can u please tell me ur last name?:) I sounded as sweet as I could Justin:no I'm not going to but I will meet u at the Toronto mall in an hour. he sounded so sure that I was gonna say yes.but I ran down stairs to ask my mom and she said ok then handed me the car keys.I tested him me:omw then drove off in. my mom's car (mine was in the shop)
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